Pushing Against Racism Fund 2024-25

The Pushing Against Racism Fund invites applications for the year 2024-25, continuing its commitment to combating racism and promoting inclusivity.

Call for Applications: Pushing Against Racism Fund 2024-25
Call for Applications: Pushing Against Racism Fund 2024-25

This article offers a comprehensive overview of the fund, encompassing essential details such as deadlines, benefits, eligibility criteria, ineligibility factors, the application process, documentation requirements, tips for a successful application, the official website, objective, overview, eligible countries, and eligible individuals.

Objective Overview

The primary objective of the Pushing Against Racism Fund is to support initiatives and projects actively working towards eradicating racism, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a global environment free from discrimination.

Eligible Countries and People

The fund welcomes applications from individuals and organizations globally, encouraging a diverse range of projects that address racism on various levels. It acknowledges the importance of a united, worldwide effort.


Applicants must submit their applications by [27-Mar-24], emphasizing the importance of timely submissions for those dedicated to contributing to the fight against racism through this fund.

Funding Amount

The Pushing Against Racism Fund aims to distribute $15,000 USD in grants to bolster social skateboarding projects across six continents. This initiative will support a total of 12 projects categorized into two funding groups:

  • Six “Continent grants” of $2000 each – intended for larger, more established organizations (with one project selected per continent).
  • Six “Community grants” of $500 each – designed for smaller or new projects, with no geographical limitations.


The Pushing Against Racism Fund extends various benefits to successful applicants:

  • Financial Support: Grant recipients can obtain financial support to execute projects addressing and combatting racism within their communities.
  • Capacity Building: The fund may offer opportunities for capacity-building initiatives, including training programs, workshops, and resources empowering individuals and organizations in their anti-racism endeavors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Successful applicants may access a network of like-minded individuals, organizations, and experts actively working towards eradicating racism globally.
  • Inclusivity: The fund features two funding categories, accommodating both larger, established organizations through “Continent grants” and smaller or new projects with “Community grants,” ensuring inclusivity.
  • Community Impact: By supporting social skateboarding projects, the fund aims to create a positive impact on communities, promoting unity and understanding.
  • Diverse Geographical Representation: With grants distributed across six continents, the fund ensures diverse geographical representation, addressing racism in various cultural contexts.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Pushing Against Racism Fund, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, including:

  • Project Alignment: Proposals should align with the fund’s objectives, focusing on initiatives that actively combat racism and promote inclusivity.
  • Nonprofit Status: Eligible entities include nonprofit organizations, community groups, and initiatives committed to addressing racism.
  • Geographical Focus: The fund may specify a geographical focus, requiring applicants to ensure their projects align with designated regions or areas targeted for anti-racism efforts.


The Call for Applications: Pushing Against Racism Fund 2024-25 outlines specific criteria that may disqualify applicants from consideration:

  • Focus on Non-Social Skateboarding: Proposals lacking a clear emphasis on social skateboarding or failing to align with the fund’s objectives may result in ineligibility.
  • Incomplete Application: Applications lacking essential information or a well-defined project plan may not qualify for funding consideration.
  • Guideline Non-Compliance: Projects deviating from the guidelines, including eligibility criteria and application instructions, may face disqualification.

How to Apply

To apply for the Call for Applications: Pushing Against Racism Fund 2024-25 and actively contribute to social skateboarding projects, follow these steps:

  • Review Application Details: Familiarize yourself with the details provided on the website. Understand the fund’s objectives, eligibility criteria, and the types of projects it supports. This knowledge is crucial for creating a successful application.
  • Check Eligibility: Assess the eligibility criteria outlined on the official website. Ensure your project aligns with the fund’s focus and that you meet all specified requirements.
  • Download Application Forms: Download the official application forms available on the website. Ensure you have the latest version to comply with any updates or changes.
  • Prepare Project Proposal: Craft a well-defined project proposal, including clear objectives, activities, expected outcomes, and community engagement strategies. This is a crucial component of your application.
  • Compile Required Documents: Gather all necessary documentation specified in the application guidelines. This may include a detailed project plan, budget estimates, environmental impact assessments, and any other documents outlined by the fund.
  • Complete Application Forms: Fill out the application forms accurately and completely. Provide all required information, paying close attention to details such as project specifics, community involvement, and the impact on social skateboarding.
  • Attach Supporting Documents: Attach the prepared documents to your application forms. Ensure all documents are legible, organized, and meet the specified requirements.
  • Review Your Application: Double-check your application for errors or omissions. Ensure you have followed the guidelines and included all necessary information and documents.
  • Submit the Application: Submit your completed application and required documents through the designated online submission portal or by following the submission instructions on the official website.
  • Note the Deadline: Be mindful of the application deadline. Submit your application well before the specified cutoff date to ensure consideration.
  • Confirmation and Follow-Up: After submission, check for a confirmation receipt or acknowledgement. Keep a record if available. If there’s no confirmation, consider following up with the organization through the provided contact information.

Documentation Requirements

Documentation requirements for the Call for Applications: Pushing Against Racism Fund 2024-25 are as follows:

  • Project Proposal: Craft a detailed project proposal that clearly outlines objectives, activities, expected outcomes, and strategies for community engagement.
  • Budget Estimates: Provide comprehensive budget estimates for your project, specifying how funds will be allocated across various activities.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments: Submit assessments that detail the environmental impact of your proposed project, ensuring clarity on its alignment with conservation goals.
  • Identification Documents: Submit valid identification documents, such as passports or national IDs, to verify the identity of individuals or representatives involved in the project.
  • Application Forms: Complete and submit all required application forms with accurate and comprehensive information.
  • Community Engagement Plan: Clearly outline strategies for engaging and involving the local community in your social skateboarding project.
  • Any Additional Required Documents: Refer to the application guidelines for any extra documents specified by the fund administrators, and ensure their inclusion in your submission.
  • Proof of Eligibility: Provide evidence confirming that your project meets the eligibility criteria, showcasing its focus on social skateboarding and alignment with the fund’s objectives.

Tips for Successful Application

  • Clearly Define Objectives: Articulate the objectives of the proposed project clearly, emphasizing alignment with the fund’s mission.
  • Demonstrate Impact: Highlight the potential impact of the project on combating racism and fostering inclusivity within the targeted community.
  • Thoroughly Review Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the fund’s guidelines to ensure your application adheres to the specified criteria.


The Pushing Against Racism Fund provides a valuable opportunity for individuals and organizations committed to fighting racism. By understanding the application process, meeting eligibility criteria, and submitting compelling proposals, applicants can contribute significantly to the global movement against racism. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website for detailed information and to initiate their applications. Together, through collective efforts, we can push against racism and work towards a more inclusive and equitable world.

Frequently asked questions

How can I engage the local community in my project?

Clearly outline strategies for community engagement in your project proposal, demonstrating how you plan to involve residents in addressing racism through social skateboarding.

How are applications reviewed, and what is the expected timeline?

The application review process may vary. For specific timelines, inquire directly with the fund administrators or refer to the official website for updates.

Can I submit hard copies of the application and documents?

The application process usually involves online submissions. Check the official website for specific instructions on submission methods and preferences.



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