PurpleZA Plans to Debut a New Platform for Self-learning Teachers

The company PurpleZA, which bills itself as a pioneer in teacher professional development, is about to introduce a new gamified platform that would let individual educators manage their own Google certifications and professional growth.

PurpleZA Plans to Debut a New Platform for Self-learning Teachers
PurpleZA Plans to Debut a New Platform for Self-learning Teachers

PurpleZA Plans to Debut a New Platform for Self-learning Teachers

With the new platform, driven self-starters will be able to advance their skills and find fresh approaches to utilizing technology to improve teaching and learning.

One of the few African organizations to obtain the Google Cloud Specialization in Education Services is PurpleZA, a Digicloud education partner, and Google for Education Innovator Project.

The organization assists educators in transforming instruction through the integration of edtech and pedagogy.

PurpleZA classes are entertaining and very motivating. As students go through training levels, they can earn incentives like glittery confetti, medals, and prizes.

PurpleZA Assist Educators in Bringing About Change

According to PurpleZA director Irene Basson, educators are also opting to access PurpleZA on the weekends and early in the morning to hone their craft and find fresh inspiration for improving their instruction.

Since its founding, PurpleZA has assisted educators in bringing about change in the fields of teaching and learning, according to fellow director Lindsay Wesner.

According to her, PurpleZA is concentrated on innovative technology, individualized and differentiated learning, advanced pedagogies, hands-on courses, measurable outcomes, and rewarding and encouraging teachers.

Individual teachers will have access to all PurpleZA courses on the new site, which will include Google Workspace for Education, training for Chrome and Google Classroom, and Google certification courses.

Revolutionary for Both Administration and Education

“Professional development training is often ‘once-off’ and ‘one size fits all’. Now teachers of different ages, subjects, and skill levels can enjoy the anonymity and flexibility of self-paced online learning, allowing them to progress at their own pace without feeling embarrassed. Once people start, it gains momentum,” Wesner said.

Teachers who have used PurpleZA professional development tools state that the results have been revolutionary for both administration and education. Teachers now feel more competent and confident when it comes to using technology in their lessons.

As Google’s enablement partner in Africa, Digicloud Africa is authorized to sell Chrome Enterprise and Google Education solutions in addition to being the exclusive distributor of Google products in the continent, including Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform.



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