Penn State Academic Calendar 2022-2023 – Penn State Summer Session 2022-2023

The Academic Calendar for the year Penn State for the academic session of 2022-2023 has been released. This calendar represents the important academic dates for the session of 2022 -2023. It contains all dates for classes, assignment deadlines, exam dates, graduation dates, winter, holidays, spring breaks, and others.

Penn State Academic Calendar 2022-2023

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Penn State Academic Calendar 2022-2023

All students of Penn state should check this calendar on a regular basis to be well updated about the various activities of the University. This calendar is for all the students of Penn states, both old and new.

The Academic Calendar of Penn State University

The academic calendar of Penn States University contains all the important dates along with their various deadlines. In this calendar, you will get all the details that you need. Don‘t forget that there are no fall breaks for Penn State University during this session but the school will stay closed from November 20th, 2022 to 26th November 2022.

The tables below contain all the important information from the Penn State Calendar.

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Penn State University Fall Calendar 2022-2023

The table below contains all  the details of the fall period of the Penn State University Calendar;

Sr. No.DayActivity
1Monday 15 August (2022), Tuesday 06 September (2022)Intent to Graduate
2Friday 19 August (2022)Absence deadline
3Friday August 19 – Sunday August 21 (2022)Arrival of new students
4Sunday August 21Deadline for registration
5Monday August 22 (2022)Beginning of the fall semester
6Saturday August 27Drop Deadline – regular
7Sunday August 28 (2022)Add deadline regular
8Sunday August 28 (2022)Beginning of Late drops
9Monday August 29 (2022)Beginning of late registration
10Monday September 5 (2022)Labor day
11Monday September 26 to October 16 (2022)Final Exam filling of paper – rechecking
12Friday November 11 2022Deadline for late drop
13Friday November 11 2022Declaration of certificates
14Sunday, November 20 – Saturday November 26 2022Break on Thanksgiving
15Friday December 9Deadline of Withdrawal
16Friday December 9 2022Completion of fall classes
17Saturday, December 10 – Sunday December 11 2022Study Days
18Monday December 12 to Friday December 16 2022Fall semester final exams
19Saturday December 17 2022Graduate commencement


Penn State University Spring Calendar 2022-2023

This part of the article contains all the details of the spring session of the academic session of Penn State University in the year 2022-2023.

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Sr. No.Date and DayDay and Session
1Monday, January 2 to Monday January 23Intent to Graduate Activation Period
2Friday, January 6Deadline for Leave of Absence
3Sunday, January 8Deadline for Registration Spring 2023. (Check on the Lion Path Portal and the PSU Canvas
4Monday, January 9Spring Classes Begin
5Wednesday, January 11Week Session and regular drop’s deadline (Eastern Time 11:59 PM)
6Thursday, January12Regular Add Deadline – Week Session
7Thursday, January12Late Drop for First 7 Week Session
8Friday, January13Beginning of Late-Registration for First 7- Week Session.
9Saturday, January 14Regular Add Deadline (Eastern Time – 11:59 PM)
10Sunday, January 15Regular Add Deadline (Eastern Time – 11:59 PM)
11Sunday, January 15Beginning of Late Drop
12Monday, January 16Beginning of Late Registration
13Monday, January 16Holiday for Martin Luther King Day
14Monday, February 13  to Sunday, MarchFinal-Exam Conflict Filling Period according to Penn State Academic Calendar
15Tuesday, February 14Deadline for Late Registration for the First 7 Weeks Session (Eastern Time – 11:59 PM)
16Tuesday, February 14 –Deadline for Late Add for First 7 Weeks Session (Eastern Time – 11:59 PM)
17Tuesday, February 14 –Deadline for Late Drop for the First 7 Week Session (Eastern Time – 11:59 PM)
18Friday, February 24 –Deadline for Withdrawal for the First 7 Week Session – (Eastern Time – 05:00 PM)
19Ending of Friday, February 24 –Classes First 7 Week Session
20Sunday, March 5 to Sunday, March 11Penn State Spring Break
21Sunday, March 12 –Deadline For Registration for the Second Week
22Monday, March 13 –Beginning of Work Session Classes
23Wednesday, March 15 –Deadline for Regular drop for the Second 7 Week
24Thursday, March 16 –Deadline for Regular Session for the Second 7 week (Eastern Time 11:59 PM)
25Thursday, March 16 –Beginning of Late Drop for the 7 Second Week session
26Friday, March 17 –Beginning of the Late registration for the second 7 week session
27Friday, April 7Deadline for late registration (Eastern Time 11:59 PM)
28Frida, April 7Deadline for Late Add (Eastern Time 11:59 PM)
29Friday, April 7 –Deadline for Late Drop (Eastern Time 11:59 PM)
30Wednesday, April 19 –Deadline for Declare Concurrent Major, Minor and Certificates for the students who are graduating
31Wednesday, April 19 –Deadline for Late Registration, Late Drop, and Late Add for the second 7-week session
32Friday, April 28Deadline for Withdrawal (Eastern Time 05:00 PM)
33Friday April 28 2023End of the classes
34Saturday and Sunday April 29& 30 2023Study Days
35Monday May 1 to May 5 2023Final Exams
36Friday May 5 Sunday, May7 2023Graduate Commencement


Penn State Summer Session 2022-2023

Below, you will see full details of the academic calendar of the Penn State University Summer session of the 2022-2023 session.

Sr. NoDate and Day Day and session 
1Sunday May 8 2022New Students arrival day
2Sunday May 8Deadline for registration
3Monday May 9 to Friday June 17Graduation activation period
4Monday May 9 2022Beginning of Maymester classes
5Tuesday May 10Drop deadline – regular
6Wednesday May 11Add deadline – regular
7Wednesday May 11Beginning of late drops
8Thursday May 12Late registration begins
9Monday May 30Holiday for Memorial Day
10Tuesday May 31Late drop deadline
11Monday June 6Deadline for withdrawal
12Monday June 6End of classes
13Tuesday June 7Study Days
14Wednesday June 8Final exams start
15Monday, August 1 2022.Declaration of Minor deadline
16Saturday August 13Graduate commencement

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Time Tables

Now, we shall look at the various timetables containing the particular important activities of the school and their various dates.

Time Table for the First 6 Weeks Summer Session

The table below contains the first 6 weeks of the summer sessions of the Penn State University academic calendar.

Sr. No Date and Day Days and sessions 
1Sunday, May15 2022Arrival of New Students
2Sunday, May 15 2022Date for Registration’s Deadline
3Monday, May9 – Friday, June17 2022.Graduation period
4Monday, May 16 2022.Classes
5Wednesday, May18 2022Deadline for drop-regular
6Thursday, May 19 2022Deadlines for add – regular
7Thursday, May 19 2022.Beginning of late drops
8Friday, May 20 2022Beginning of late registration
9Monday, May 30 2022Holiday – Memorial Day
10Thursday, June 16Deadline for late drops
11Friday, June 24Deadline for Withdrawal
12Friday, June 24 2022End of Classes for first 6 weeks
13Sunday, June26 2022.Study-days
14Monday, June27 2022Final exams


Time Table for the Second 6 weeks Summer Session

The table below contains the various deadlines in the second-week summer session of the Penn State academic calendar.

Sr. No Date and Day Days and sessions 
1Monday, June27 2022.Arrival of New Students
2Tuesday, June28 2022.deadline for Registration
3Monday, May 9 to Friday, June17 2022.Graduation period
4Wednesday, June 29 2022.Beginning of Second week classes
5Friday, July 1 2022Deadline for drop – regular
6Saturday, July 2Deadlines for add – regular
7Saturday, July 2 2022.Beginning of late drops
8Sunday, July 3 2022.Beginning of late registration
9Monday, July4 2022.Holiday for Independence Day
10Monday, August 1Beginning of late drops
11Monday, August 1 2022.Declaration of Minor day
12Wednesday, August 10Deadline for Withdrawal
13Wednesday, August 10 2022.Classes end for the second 6-weeks
14Thursday, August11 2022.Study-Days
15Friday August12 2022Final Exams

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Semester Classifications at the Penn State University

This term describes the progress of the students in the achievement of their academic goals. The classification is based on the credits that were earned in every subject. This could be either an institutional or transfer credit.

For any undergraduate student, the classification here can be used when the student becomes registered, assigns classes, changes campus, calculates his tuition hours, and whenever he becomes ready for a parking space on campus.

What are the Semester Classifications at PSU

These are the following classifications of semesters based on the amount of credit that you have earned as a student at Penn State University.

Earned credits Classification of Semester Status of the student 
14 or less11st year student
From 14.1 2921st year student
From 29.1 to 443Sophomore
From 44.1 to 594Sophomore
Form 59.1 to 745Junior
From 74.1 to 896Junior
From 89.1 to 1047Senior
From 104.1 to 1198Senior
From 119.1 to 1349Senior
From 134.1 to 14910Senior
From 149.1 or more11Senior


Frequently Asked questions About Penn State Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Where Can I Find Penn State 2022 Calendar Online?

TO get the Penn state University calendar online, You can check the official website of Penn State University,

Does Penn State Spring 2022 Calendar Include Any Holidays?

Yes, it does, it only has one holiday, on Martin Luther King Day in the Penn state Spring Calendar 2022.

When is the Penn State First Day of Classes in Spring 2022?

The first day of the session for the Penn State University during the Spring semester is January 9, Monday 2022.

What Is the Time-Duration of Penn State Winter Break?

The student’s winter break ranges from 10 to 12 weeks.

How Can I Know the Penn State Class Schedule?

Generally, Classes at Penn state start at 8 am in the morning and they go on for 50 minutes and 75 minutes depending on the credits of the subject, to get more information, kindly contact your course coordinator on campus for further information.

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