Humphrey Fellowship 2022 | Fully Funded | USA – Apply Now

Make that dream of travelling to the U.S a reality by applying for the Humphry Fellowship 2022 in the United States of America. This program is a fully funded Scholarship for bright-minded students with strong desires and positive energy to change the world.

Humphrey Fellowship 2022

The Humphrey Fellowship program seeks to build a strong relationship between the U.S and countries of the world. The Fellowship is targeted at professionals and non-degree internationals.

Should you decide to apply, your chances of being selected are high as there are over 150 Humphrey Fellowships provided for applicants around the world. The fellowship will take a total duration of 10 months to be carried out.

Humphrey fellowship is a cultural exchange program in the USA, they help to tighten the bond between different states, by sharing knowledge about different issues that are related to the U.S.

About Humphrey Fellowship 2022

This Fellowship is one of the best opportunities to learn all you can this year. You also stand to gain the Humphrey Fellowship’s financial benefits for students which include: food, residential services, travel, books etc.

So with the benefits listed above, you would agree with me that it’s the best opportunity for you to apply for this Humphry Fellowship in the USA. Fellows will be engaged in field trips and other travel costs which are included to be covered in the fellowship.

Humphrey Fellowship program can be applied for online. The Fellowship is a unique opportunity for students to broaden their perspectives and work as global leaders.

Most countries of the world are eligible to apply for this Fellowship program in the US. Meanwhile, the application deadline for the Humphrey Fellowship program in the USA differs in each country. In other words, you can only apply based on your country’s deadline.

Please note that all applications must be sent send before 1st October 2022.

Summary of the Humphry Fellowship 2022

  • Host Country: USA
  • Financial Benefits: fully funded
  • Duration of fellowship: 10 month
  • Program: Non-Degree Program
  • Application Deadline: Differs with countries. However, your application must reach the US by 1st October 2022
  • Eligible Region: Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Hemisphere, East Asia and Pacific, South and Central Asia, Europe and Eurasia and The Middle West and North Africa

How to Apply for the Humphrey Fellowship 2022

Kindly follow the guidelines below to apply for Humphrey Fellowship in the USA

  • Contact the U.S. Embassy or Binational Fulbright Commission in your national country.
  • After selecting your country, send the application
  • To choose your desired course or university, you need to select the host university.
  • Choose your desired field from the list provided by the fellowship
  • Upon successful submission of your application, you will be called for the interviews

Financial Benefits for Humphrey Fellowship

  • Provision of free English coaching
  • Provision of Full Tuition Fee of the host institution
  • Coverage for maintenance allowance
  • One-time setting allowance
  • The following will also be covered: travel, food, clean water and other
  • Provision of insurance, and coverage for sickness and accidents.
  • Book allowance is also provided.
  • Computer subsidy (A one-time payment)
  • Coverage for the air tickets and all travel costs related to the program
  • Professional development allowance for visits, field trips and conferences.

Eligibility Criteria for Humphrey Fellowship 2022

  • Applicant must have an undergraduate degree and a first division Bachelor’s
  • Candidate must have 5 years of experience (in relevant fields)
  • The requirements of the English language for writing and speaking
  • Applicant must be recently active in community services to be eligible

Best of luck!



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