OnePlus 10T Camera System Confirmed

OnePlus 10T camera system confirmed and the reactions are kind of mixed as reports claim a familiar sony sensor, both front, and center.

OnePlus 10T Camera System Confirmed

OnePlus 10T Camera System Confirmed

OnePlus hype systems are quietly rumbling into action as the company normally likes to drip-feed information quietly before the launch of its phones and currently, the OnePlus 10T is getting the same treatment. Just recently we got to know about its launch date which is August 3rd. and the company as of now has confirmed a whole lot of camera specs for the 10T also.

This information is coming from the OnePlus community forum where the tech company has posted a long thread, taking a deep look into the 10T’s processing abilities and rear camera hardware.

The Main Camera has a 50MP Resolution Using Sony’s IMX766 Sensor

We already know that the main camera has a 50MP resolution making use of Sony’s IMX766 sensor. Already, tons of affordable phones make use of this sensor as it performs well in conditions where the light is low. RealMe which is OnePlus’ sisters brand has made use of this feature to a great effect in producing budget phones such as the RealMe C35 and RealMe 9 Pro Plus.

And just recently, the Nothing Phone 1 has been spotted making use of this sensor too. This was the debut phone of Nothing, a tech startup company that was formed by the co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei and certainly, there seems to be a bit of rivalry between both brands.

Two More Sensors Set To Join the Main Camera

Also joining the main camera are two more sensors. One of the sensors has an ultra-wide lens while the other one has a macro one and we are kind of a little more apprehensive about these two. Almost all low-budget phone spots a high-res main camera, low-res ultra-wide, useless macro/depth combination of sensors. And it now seems that the OnePlus 10T will be following the same trend.

This very type of combination of lenses does not bring a lot when it come to photographic versatility to the phone’s overall experience especially when it is compared to what a telephoto or periscope lens brings to the table. And even though zoom models such as those are quite expensive at times, phone manufacturers prefer to ship more phones that are affordable with mediocre secondary and tertiary sensors rather than just serve them up with a more compatible primary snapper.

OnePlus 10T Will Not Continue the Known Hasselblas Partnership

One major thing to note here is that the OnePlus 10T will not continue the known Hasselblas partnership that the last couple of generations of the company’s flagships has had. The company however states that this is because “we wanted to offer an ultimate performance flagship smartphone experience at the device’s chosen price point.” This simply means that the Hasselblad branding would have cost the company way too much to be worth it in the first place.


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