Best Bike Trailers – Types Of Bike Trailers

What are the best bike trailers? Bile trailers make it easy to carry cargo on your next cycling adventure. They keep the weight off your back when you are hauling extra camping gear or want to take your child or pet along for a ride.The Best Bike Trailers

You need to consider how you plan to use a bike trailer before choosing it. Do you want to carry groceries around town? Tow a child or pet to the park? Or haul gear for a long-distance bike tour?

The Best Bike Trailers

In this article, I will be showing you three types of bike trailers before giving you the list of our best picks on bike trailers. The bike trailers are means of carrying luggage cargo, kids or pets.

They are a good option for carrying a load heavier than a pannier or frame-mounted bag that is rated to handle.

Types Of Bike Trailers

Here are the three types of bike trailers so far.

Trailers for Kids

These trailers give your child a comfortable place to rest on your family bike ride. It is easy to use. The enclosed trailers can hold one or two kids who are not able to pedal on their own.

Bike Caro Trailers

The trailers for cargo are models for hauling heavy or bulky items. Because the weight is on its own wheels, carrying a load in the trailer may feel lighter than carrying the weight on your bike. These trailers are available in one or two wheels.

Bike Trailer for Dogs/Pets

Those people that love taking their dogs along for adventures may consider getting a dog trainer. A dog trailer is typically enclosed, has no seats and offers features such as an interior leash attachment.

How To Choose Bike Trailers

There are things to consider before shopping for the best trailers. Below are some of the factors to look at:

Type & Usage

You need to know what you are using for the bike trailers before shopping for it. for instance, do you want to haul gear for a long-distance bike tour? Carry groceries around town? Tow a child or pet to the park? Once you know the usage, you can go for the type you need.

Seating capacity

Most of the bike trailers have enough room for one or many two passengers. So, you need to consider the seating capacity.

The Storage

Many bike trailers have a large rear compartment or pocket where you can stash away toys, snacks, books, or groceries. So, if you have luggage to store in, consider the storage.

Bike Trailer Attachment Systems

Check to make sure that the trailer you’re considering is compatible with your bike’s brakes, axle and drivetrain.

Additional features

You can consider the bike trailer accessories, which include gear bags, hitch arm/mount, and additional bike mounts.

Best Cargo Bike Trailers

The cargo bike trailers are a great option if you need t carry more cargo than what your bike can currently take. Below are the best cargo bike trailers:

Burley Flatbed, Aluminum Utility Cargo Bike Trailer

The Flatbed bike cargo trailer is the utilitarian choice for pulling loads of up to 100 lbs. The trailer’s balance point minimizes torque on the bike while the two-wheel chassis provides superior tracking and stability.

The open front, back and top of the trailer make it easy to carry items of almost any size. Do more on your bike with the Burley Flatbed. The trailer collapses easily for compact storage.


Schwinn Echo, and Trailblazer Child Bike Trailer

The two-behind style bike trailer is a universal bike coupler that will fit most bike rear wheels. It comes with 5-point rider harnesses with shoulder patches, a safety flag for extra visibility.

In addition, it features a two-in-one canopy, bug screen and weather shield options, rear ventilation window, two riders and room for 12 pounds of additional gear in the rear area.


Travoy, Compact Folding Cargo Bike Trailer

The Travoy’s compact design effortlessly stores away and is ready for deployment on your everyday commute or the occasional neighbourhood bike share ride.

The Quick Hitch, an extendable tow arm and thoughtfully designed features to maximize the trailer’s utility and functionality. The Travoy is the perfect tool for nimbly hauling the day’s groceries, luggage, or gear by bike for any urban adventure.

Additionally, it features a quick hitch, slim profile, integrated wheel guard, extendable tow arm, and a lower market bag.


Aosom Foldable Bike Cargo Trailer

The Aosom Wanderer has the highest carrying capacity in its class, allowing it to handle most any load.

It is made of a sturdy steel frame and a strengthened PE bottom provides sturdy construction. In addition to the front and back the side walls fold down making it easy to transport large objects.

This trailer is assembly requires, easy to set up and fold down which is easy to transport and storage can save your space.


Bike Trailers For Dogs And Pets

There are even some bike trailers out there designed for keeping your furry friend secure when riding. Here are the best trailers for dogs and pets:

Retrospec Rover Waggin’ Pet Bike Trailer

This is an element and weather-resistant fabric with a 2-in-1 canopy and mesh shielding so your dog can enjoy the ride without pesky critters getting in the way.

The unique folding frame makes the Rover Pet Trailer easy to store and bring along on your next adventure. The low-maintenance, 16-inch, 1-piece moulded nylon wheels have air-filled tires that easily inflate with a standard bike pump.

In addition, the rear doggy door provides easy entry and exit and securely zips for added safety.


Booyah Small Dog Pet Bike Bicycle Trailer

This is a bike trailer with 20lbs. although it may handle the weight of your pet, make sure that your pet will fit inside the interior dimensions.

Max size of the dog is probably 15lb – 20lbs. Keep in mind, that there are no stroller accessories for this model. No front tire or handlebar.

In addition, you can check the hitch system will work with your bike. Reflectors on front back and tires with a side reflecting strips.


Best Children’s Bike Trailers

Children’s trailers provide a more spacious alternative to carrying kids than even the best child seats. Here are the best children’s bike trailers:

Instep Bike Trailer for Toddlers

Take your children along for the ride with the Instep Take 2 double toe-behind bike trailer carrier. 16-inch pneumatic tires with moulded rims provide performance, safety, and timeless style. A five-point harness and safety flag ensure your riders are protected.

The folding-frame design and quick-release wheel make for quick and easy assembly, storage, and transport. Designed to protect your child from the elements, a 2-in-1 canopy features both a bug screen and a weather shield with a rear vent window.


Schwinn Echo, and Trailblazer Child Bike Trailer

This is a universal bike couple will that fits most bicycle rear wheels, 5-point rider harnesses with shoulder patches and a safety flag for extra visibility.

It features a two-in-one canopy, bug screen and weather shield options, rear ventilation window, two riders and room for 12 pounds of additional gear in the rear area.

In addition, 20-inch alloy spoked wheels with air-filled/pneumatic tires for performance and style, and large side windows. It can be fitted in the back of cars or closet.



What Ages Can a Child Use a Trailer?

Age isn’t a particularly reliable metric for determining whether or not a child can ride in a bike trailer. Instead, manufacturers will often advise a minimum weight as kids can be all shapes and sizes for their age. However, your child should be able to hold their head up unaided.

What is a Bike Trailer?

A bike trailer is a bike that is used in carrying luggage, cargo, kids, or pets. They also make for a great option if you are carrying a load heavier than a pannier or frame-mounted bag is related to handle.

Is it Difficult to Ride with a Bike Trailer?

Fitting a trailer to your bike will alter its ride feel. You will need to take corner wide, especially on descents. If you’re considering using a trailer to carry a child or pet, it is worth test-riding the unit first with weights, such as a sack of potatoes, to get used to how the bike handles.

How do you Mount a Trailer to a Bike?

Most attach through a hitch mount that attaches to your rear wheel axle. This is a desirable location as it doesn’t put additional stress on your frame. Plus, you can choose to invest in a spare hitch kit if the retailer is going to be used it on multiple bikes.

Is a Bike Trailer a Good Idea?

Bike trailers offer a viable alternative for carrying cargo compared to pannier bags, bike packing bags or a backpack. They can be very useful for carrying children or pets, transporting shopping or cargo around town, or for extended cycle touring trips.



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