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The Dr. Norman E. Borlaug Award, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is given out annually in Des Moines, Iowa by the World Food Prize Foundation. This $10,000 award recognizes young individuals under 40 who have made significant contributions to international agriculture and food production. Winners embody the same dedication and determination as Dr. Norman Borlaug, who worked to combat global hunger and poverty in Mexico in the 1940s and ’50s.

Norman Borlaug Field Award 2024
Norman Borlaug Field Award 2024

Dr. Judith Rodin, former President of The Rockefeller Foundation, announced a $1 million commitment to endow this award during the 25th World Food Prize Laureate Award Ceremony in 2011. The award features an image of Dr. Borlaug at work in Mexico, created by artist John Collier and displayed as a tapestry in the Hall of Laureates.

The award ceremony takes place at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, a historic building that was renovated to honor Dr. Borlaug. Recipients of the Borlaug Field Award are chosen by an international jury chaired by Dr. W. Ronnie Coffman of Cornell University, who was Dr. Borlaug’s only doctorate student and a member of the World Food Prize Council of Advisors.

Type: Award

Deadline of Norman Borlaug Field Award

The deadline for the Norman Borlaug Field Award 2024 is June 15, 2024.

Eligible Countries: All countries are eligible to apply.

Benefits of Norman Borlaug Field Award

The value of the Norman Borlaug Field Award benefit is $10,000.

Eligibility and Criteria’s for Norman Borlaug Field Award

Candidates will be evaluated and chosen based on qualities and achievements similar to those demonstrated by Dr. Borlaug during his field research and work. These criteria include:

  • Persistence: Showing determination and resilience, even in challenging situations, with limited resources, and in the face of criticism.
  • Innovation: Pursuing creative and innovative approaches to address global food and nutrition challenges.
  • Communication: Understanding diverse cultures, collaborating effectively across disciplines, and engaging with stakeholders.
  • Research/Science: Contributing to advancements in food production, distribution, and nutrition through rigorous research and scientific methods.
  • Extension: Sharing new technologies and knowledge with underserved farmers and consumers.
  • Education: Providing training and education to rural communities in science and agriculture.
  • Application: Implementing improved technologies and management practices for sustainable and nutritious food production.
  • Leadership: Leading collaborative efforts to reduce hunger, and poverty, and improve communities.
  • Impact: Making a measurable difference in increasing food availability and improving livelihoods.

Nominee Eligibility:

  • Nominees must be under 40 years old (not having reached their 40th birthday before October 16, the date of World Food Day in the award year).
  • Nominees must actively work in the field, research area, or project for which they are being nominated. They can be affiliated with educational, research, or development organizations.
  • Nominees can still be considered for the award in subsequent years if they meet the criteria and age requirement, as decided by the Award Jury.
  • Generally, the award is given to one person. However, in exceptional cases of significant collaborative efforts and achievement, another person may share the award.

How to Apply for Norman Borlaug Field Award

All nominations must be submitted in English online at

Required Documentation:

  1. A brief statement (up to 3000 words) explaining:
  • The nominee’s work and accomplishments, with specific examples illustrating award criteria.
  • How the nominee reflects Dr. Borlaug’s attributes.
  • The impact of the nominee’s work.
  1. Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae or resume, including:
  • Date of birth
  • Country of origin
  • Education
  • Professional background
  1. One nomination letter and two support letters highlighting the nominee’s achievements. Please limit support letters to two due to the high volume of nominations.
  2. Photos:
  • A headshot of the nominee (minimum 300 dpi resolution).
  • Optionally, two additional action photos of the nominee at work may be submitted.

Nomination and Selection Process for Norman Borlaug Field Award

The selection and nomination process are:

  • Nominations must be submitted online in English at

Who Can Nominate:

  • Anyone, including individuals and organizations, can nominate candidates. Organizational nominations require a signature from an executive officer. Self-nominations are not allowed.
  • Nominators should have direct knowledge of the nominee’s work and provide specific examples aligning with the award criteria. Support letters can be from individuals or organizations familiar with the nominee’s work.


The Norman Borlaug Field Award honors Dr. Norman Borlaug’s legacy by recognizing individuals who contribute significantly to global food security through agricultural innovation. This award encourages progress in combating hunger and poverty worldwide.

FAQs for Norman Borlaug Field Award 2024

Who is eligible for the award?

Individuals making significant contributions to international agriculture and food production are eligible.

Can self-nominations be submitted?

No, self-nominations are not accepted.

Is there a monetary prize?

The award may include a monetary prize along with other benefits like professional development and recognition.



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