Neato Robot Vacuums Have Reportedly Been Discontinued

Neato robot vacuums have reportedly been discontinued and here is what the shutdown means for users as the cleaning days of the device are now numbered starting from now.

Neato Robot Vacuums Discontinued

Neato Robot Vacuums Discontinued

One of the favorite and best robot vacuum makers in the industry, Neato Robotics is unfortunately being shut down thus marking the end of an 18-year-old journey for the Robovac pioneer.

German company Vorwerk, the owners of Neato in a press release announced that “Neato will now be closed despite restructuring efforts”, as the firm had “not achieved the economic goals it has set for itself for several years.”

Neato D10 obviously has a lot of fans all over, known as “the best vacuum for allergy sufferers”, so the recent news that it will not be getting any successors is quite a shame. Users who own a Neato vacuum are probably concerned with this news, but they should however know that existing models will get support for some time to come at the least.

What This News Mean for Neato Vacuum Owners

And according to the press release, spare parts, as well as repair service for Neato vacuums, will be “guaranteed for at least five years”. Parent company Vorwerk also will have a team on set “to ensure the security of the infrastructure of Neato’s cloud services for at least five years”.

With that being said, it means that your Neato robot vacuum can continue running around the house for the next couple of years, safe in the knowledge that supports for both software and hardware. But with the recent news, it just shows how much the robotic space has become competitive in the past couple of years.

The Competitiveness of the Robot Vacuum Industry

Neato since IFA 2020 has not announced any new products when the latest D10 made its way to markets, so the recent news that it no longer will be making new models is not exactly and completely a shock. But the dominance of iRobot’s Roombas, plus additional budget models from the likes of Eufy and Yeedi, has made robot vacuums a fiercely competitive industry and one that unfortunately no longer has a place for poor Neato.



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