Apple TV HD Falls To a New All-Time Low of $59

Apple TV HD falls to a new all-time low of $59 just ahead of Black Friday. Clearance discounts are now hitting the apple TV HD really hard and holiday sales are also around the corner.

Apple TV HD Falls To a New All-Time Low of $59

Apple TV HD Falls To a New All-Time Low of $59

Yes, black Friday is on the horizon but the apple TV deals already are in full swing. The 2021 4K model already has hit a record low after the release of the 2022 version. But there is however a cheaper version for those users that want to spend the absolute least on an apple TV.

The Apple TV HD at the moment is down to just $59 at Walmart, thus marking the lowest that it has ever gone at the retailing giant or anywhere else. If it is that you have not yet upgraded to a 4K TV or maybe you just need an easy-to-use streamer for a guest room or somewhere else, this is a great pickup at that stipulated price, although supplies could run thin really soon.

The Actual Apple TV Hardware Is Just The Same As the 2017 Model

With your $59, you get a streaming box as well as the upgraded Siri remote from 2021, although the actual apple TV hardware is just the same as the 2017 model. The hardware is running an A8 chip which easily could be outdated by the standards of today’s phones, but it is however still great for navigation between streaming apps the device also includes an Ethernet connection which is something that you will have to pay extra for in the 2022 model.

The Device Was Discontinued By Apple with the Launch of a New 4K Model In 2022

Experts have always questioned why the device still exists at the $149 retail price before now, but with the price now at $59, it is much better and more attractive. In 2022, the device was discontinued by apple with the launch of a new 4K model meaning that all of the remaining stock at third-party retailers is all that’s left of the device in a brand new condition.

If in the event that you are planning to do some serious gaming or you just want to future-proof your setup, it might be worth spending extra for the 4K model which is at $99 with upgraded internals or you could just, however, opt for the newest 2022 Apple TV 4K.


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