Dolly Parton Reportedly Gets $100 Million Grant from Jeff Bezos

Dolly Parton reportedly gets a $100 million grant from Jeff Bezos. The renowned musician who got the grant as part of Bezos’ Courage and Civility Award will be able to give the money out to charities of her choosing.

Dolly Parton Reportedly Gets $100 Million Grant from Jeff Bezos

Dolly Parton Reportedly Gets $100 Million Grant from Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has just announced country music legend Dolly Parton as the third winner of his $100 million courage and civility award, the founder of amazon on Saturday in an interview with CNN mentioned. All recipients of the ward can use the money in question to support various charities of their choice.

Parton when reacting to the award in a tweet said that she hopes “to do good things with this money.” She added that “I try to put my money where my heart is.”

The Award in the Previous Year Was Given To Chef Jose Andres

The award in the previous year was given to chef Jose Andres for making meals for Ukrainians and also to climate advocate Van Jones. The award is conferred without warning and it is also meant to honor those persons who have been unifying and courageous figures.

Jeff Bezos’s partner, Lauren Sanchez said to CNN during the interview: “We couldn’t have thought of someone better than to give this award to Dolly, and we know she’s going to do amazing things with it.”

Bezos Plans to Give a Vast Of His $124 Billion Net Worth to Charity Within His Lifetime

Bezos during an interview with CNN also said that he plans to give a vast of his $124 billion net worth to charity within his lifetime, but he however did not share any more details as to just how or when that might happen. Previously he has committed $10 billion over 10 years to his climate-focused Bezos Earth Fund which is at the moment chaired by Sanchez.

Bezos Has Come Under Scrutiny in the Past for Not Agreeing To Sign the Giving Pledge

Bezos has come under scrutiny in the past for not agreeing to sign the Giving Pledge which is a public declaration from the richest people in the world that they will give out a huge chunk of their fortunes to charity. The ex-wife MacKenzie Scott on the other hand signed it back in 2019.

And in less than a year, MacKenzie Scott has taken the philanthropy world by storm by giving out almost $4 billion.


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