Reports Claim Amazon May Cut Up To 10,000 Jobs This Week

Reports claim Amazon may cut up to 10,000 jobs this week. The tech company at the moment is planning the biggest round of layoffs in its history as per the New York Times.

Reports Claim Amazon May Cut Up To 10,000 Jobs This Week

Reports Claim Amazon May Cut Up To 10,000 Jobs This Week

Amazon is the latest tech giant company to plan staff layoffs. The e-commerce company is at the moment looking to cut around 10,000 jobs or roughly 3% of its whole workforce and what could be seen as the largest in the history of the company in regards to layoffs, the New York Times on Monday reported.

Divisions of Amazon Set To Be Affected By the Layoffs

The layoff primarily will affect the division that is responsible for the services of Alexa voice as well as those that are working in the retail and human resources department of the company according to the Times. The cut is also reported to be taking place as early as this week.

These recent cuts are coming on the heels of receding sales. And while the third quarter earnings of amazon saw improvement, overall profits of the company were below expectations. And as a result, the company has been cutting back on various aspects of its business.

CEO Andy Jassy in the Past Couple of Months Has Stopped Testing On Amazon Scout

CEO Andy Jassy in the past couple of months has stopped testing on Amazon Scout which is the robot home delivery initiative of the company. The CEO also has shuttered the Amazon Care tele-health and nursing service as well as the company’s which is a long-time online fabric retailer.

Alongside high attrition, the cuts dropped the headcount at the company approximately by 80,000 between April and September as per the Times. Amazon issued a hiring freeze for small teams back in September and then followed by a corporate-wide freeze in the early parts of this month.

Other Tech Companies to Let Go Of Workers

The imminent layoffs by amazon are part of the turbulence currently facing the tech industry. Microsoft, Twitter, Google, and Meta ate just about some of the tech firms in recent months that have let go of workers and staff.


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