Mozilla Shutting Down Two Of Its Most Powerful Products

I woke up a few days ago to the news ‘Mozilla shutting down two of its most powerful products’. Well, readers and subscribers following my posts have been all up in my box asking for an official statement, wanting to know if the news is actually true. Well, this has made to go on my own little research and this is what I have for you. The news that Mozilla is actually shutting down two of its most powerful products is true. If this is true, have you taken a quiet time out to find the reason for this? Well if you haven’t then you should. However, if you are reading this article at the moment then you are in luck.

Mozilla Shutting Down Two Of Its Most Powerful Products

Mozilla Shutting Down Two Of Its Most Powerful Products

Like I said earlier if you are reading this piece you are in luck. You will not only get to find out about the products Mozilla is shutting down, but you will also learn of the reason for the shutting down of the products also. Well when it comes to the year 2020, it is one that will surely go down in history books, one that cannot be forgotten. A lot has happened over the past couple of months and a whole lot is still set to happen. Personally, I am surprised by any news or anything I hear these days as long as we are still in the year 2020.

Talking about things happening in 2020, Mozilla is planning to shut down two of its most powerful products. The names of these products are;

  • Firefox send.
  • And Firefox notes.

The Firefox send as you should have known by now is a tool by Mozilla. This very product tool helps users in sharing encrypted files. Only introduced to the public in 2017, one might be surprised as to the withdrawal of the product from public service. Send as a service was generally welcomed and liked by all who used it so once again I find it really difficult to comprehend the reason why Mozilla decided to discontinue it.

The other product tool Mozilla is planning on discontinuing is the Firefox notes. This very product is a very powerful tool and it is also similar in some ways to Firefox send. This product tool initially was a way for Mozilla to try out new ways to sync encrypted data. The product was developed out from the Mozilla test pilot program which is now defunct by the way. After the test pilot program ran its course, ‘notes’ was kept by the company as a tool users could use in Firefox and Firefox for Android.

Why Were The Firefox Send And Firefox Notes Discontinued

In early November last year, Mozilla announced that it would be discontinuing the support service for the fire notes app and he syncing service. Therefore users with the extension already installed on their desktops will have the chance to export all of their notes. It also stated that after November, users would not be able to install the extension again.

The Firefox send product was all good and great, but something happened, however. Some malicious users started using the Firefox send product tool to carry out phishing attacks and ship malware. Due to this, Mozilla took down the tool. And said it would re-launch it at a later date after it had added a better reporting feature. But however, this never happened as the company had a change of heart. The company further went on to affirm that since the service is basically offline, there is nothing users have to do to prepare for its decommissioning.


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