Fortnite Is Shutting Down On MacOS: Everything You Ned To Know

Not just long ago, and even up till this very period in time, epic, the developers of the most revered and loved game, Fortnite and apple were involved in a legal battle. Did you know about this? Well, I guess you didn’t. But one very notable set of persons are Fortnite players who play Fortnite on their macOS systems. One of the most trending topics on the internet these days game-related is ‘Fortnite is shutting down on macOS’. Players as usual of course were surprised as to the development of this. When it comes to desktop operating systems, macOS is one of the very best and this simply means that it is being used by a wide user base. And therefore shutting down this game on macOS is really not going to go down well.

Fortnite Is Shutting Down On MacOS

Fortnite Is Shutting Down On MacOS

Fortnite on the other hand is one of the most exciting games on the internet today. If you are a Fortnite fan out there and you enjoy playing your game on your macOS system, then I hate to bring this news to you. Fortnite: Save the world will no longer be playable on macOS, says the developer of this game epic. This development will take place from the 23rd of September due to some issues. While some persons may find the issues associated with the whole dilemma, some on the other hand may not. Do you want to find out the reason for this? If you would love to, then you will need to continue reading as pieces of relevant information will be shared regarding it in the course of the article.

Why Is Epic Shutting Down Fortnite: Save The World On MacOS

This very action shooter game and version of Fortnite was released initially as a paid title back in 2017. However the popular free to play Fortnite battle royale will still be playable on Mac, said the company. Everyone has been shocked by the announcement of the development. The company, epic released in a statement that Apple is preventing the game from receiving new updates. And with this, it simply means that playing the game will not be the same. Other players using other systems will get the new update while players stuck will the old update and version will experience bugs and a very poor game outcome. In general, this is not good!

It is no news that Apple and epic are in an ongoing legal battle at the moment. And in late August, epic saw their development account terminated by apple. Do you know what this means? Well if you don’t know here is a glimpse of what the move made by apple means. This simply means that users cannot download or reinstall games that are developed by epic and of course including Fortnite. Epic on the other hand can therefore no longer validate updates for distribution.

Epic studio has however confirmed that it would refund payments to all players who have purchased the save the world founders or starter packs and have also played the game on macOS between the 17th of September 2019 and the 17th of September 2020. The company further mentioned that it will take them up to October 2nd to fully make refunds to players. Apple removed Fortnite from its platform claiming that the platform violated its digital storefronts guidelines by incorporating an in-app payment mechanism.


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