Google Stadia Shutdown Took Employees and Game Devs by Surprise

Google Stadia Shutdown Took Employees and Game Devs by Surprise. Google’s Decision to take down Google Stadia, which happens to be a cloud-based game streaming service came as a surprise to the entire gaming industry. The Stadia was not exactly a universally loved service, but it came as a trailblazer for cloud computing in its own ways.

Google Stadia Shutdown Took Employees and Game Devs by Surprise

Community members, were distraught, especially players who were worried about spending money on games that would soon be lost and hardware turned obsolete in a few months.

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Google Stadia Shutdown Took Employees and Game Devs by Surprise

Luckily, Google revealed that they would be reimbursing the costs to gamers that place their faith in Stadia. Moreover, it was labeled like IO Studios and Ubisoft announced that they will port the games purchased on the Stadia to other platforms at an extra cost. However, it seems that players were not the only ones blindsided by the decision, because Google also kept its developer and publishing partners in the dark concerning the decision to place the Stadia on cold ice.

Since the news came out, people from the game development industry went on Twitter, revealing information that they go the shocking news from publications covering Google’s announcement. SFB Games; Tom Vian tweeted that the studio was slated to release a game on Stadia about two days later, but only came to learn about the development from a news article. But, Vian was not the only company with a game slated to arrive on Stadia in the coming days.

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Bad News for Developers

The video game designer and founding member of multiple game studios, Rebecca Heineman shared information on Twitter that the company has been lined up for a Stadia game released on the First of November, but instead, they were heartbroken. An Indie developer Simon Roth stated that he did not get any warning advance from Google, nor did the Stadia division reach out to him via email or phone before the news was released.

Google did not just keep indie Game developers in the dark. Even heavyweights like Bungie which brought users “Halo” and “Destiny” games, were not told about the news. Plaion, a company that owns multiple publishing units and ten game studios, also decided to point out that they were not informed on time. The Publishers Gold Fire Studios and No More Robots told Kotaku that they each had a game that would be launching on Stadia next year.

Google Reimbursement Deals

Pixel Games stated that they finalized the deal to offer no less than three games over to Google’s Cloud gaming service just a day before. On the other hand, Google is reportedly working with the affected studios with schemes like reimbursing the costs of developments and porting existing games to their platform. As stated by Axios, Stadia reps have been reaching out to publishing and development partners with reimbursement deals.

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Will Google Stadia Shut Down?

Google has decided to shut down its Stadia gaming service. Google announced that the shutdown would take place in January 2023 recently.

Why is Google Stadia Shutting Down?

Google has been planning to shut down its cloud gaming service Stadia in January, which is a little more than three years after it launched, citing a lackluster demand from its customers.

What Will Happen to Stadia Controllers?

Most of the hardware purchases which include Stadia Controller, Founders Edition, Premiere Edition, and Play and Watch with Google TV packages made directly from Google will not need to be returned.

Did Google Stadia Fail?

the only thing we know now is that the platform is officially shutting down, and some gamers are surprised that the cloud streaming service has failed.

Does Stadia Controller Work on PC?

Unfortunately for gamers, you cannot make use of the Stadia Controller on a PC wirelessly. You would need to plug the controller into your PC using a USB cable.

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