Best Leather Cleaner – How Often Should You Use Leather Cleaner?

Leather materials on furniture or other items made of leather are good and also expensive, so it is vital to get the best leather cleaner. Clean them with quality products.

Best Leather Cleaner
Best Leather Cleaner

Furthermore, taking care of your leather items properly can prolong their life and keep them looking and performing their best. Just read on to explore.

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Best Leather Cleaner

We have researched leather cleaners and compiled a list of our favourites. These leather cleaners are very easy to use and convenient. They are also conditioned without impacting the finish or colour and are affordable.

We also research and go for products that might be a good fit across a range of other circumstances, like a low price, high-value budget pick, or a feature-filled splurge pick with all of the bells and whistles;

What to Look for in a Leather Cleaner

There are factors to consider when shopping for the leather cleaner, here are factors to check out.


There are different types of leather cleaners like wipe, spray, ad liquid form. The best to go for depends on where and how you want to use the cleaner.

For spray, they are often easier to apply but can overspray on unwanted areas, resulting in extra cleanup. Liquids require more effort to apply and buff out, but they do offer the most precise application and are often great for conditioning.

Lastly, wipes are more expensive and result in a lot of waste, but they work well for travel and on-the-go form.

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Leather cleaners are available in every size, from small 4-ounce spray bottles you can throw in your car to 16-ounce containers you’ll likely store under the sink. Some brands even offer refill options for your spray bottles.

Conditioning and protective Elements

These cleaners can serve more than one purpose. A lot of conditioner combination products, some even have extra protection for your leather surfaces, such as UV protection.

How to Use Leather Cleaner

  • Vacuum area and remove large debris
  • Apply Leather Cleaner to the desired area and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing
  • Scrub with leather cleaner Horse Hair Brush
  • Remove access with a clean microfiber towel
  • Apply Leather Conditioner to a Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator and work into the leather. Depending on the condition of your leather you may need 2 coats.
  • (Pro Tip: Use the same colour applicator as the leather you’re cleaning to see excess dirt and grime)
  • Touch up & maintain with Quick Detailer as needed

Tips for Using Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Here are a few tips to know about leather cleaners.

  • Make sure the products are tested in a safe place
  • Make sure you use the right amount of product
  • Try to leave leather alone after conditioning
  • Treat masses as soon as you can

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Best Leather Cleaners

Below, find the best leather cleaners for everything from furniture to shoes.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

The leather honey penetrates deep to protect new leather and rejuvenate dry leather and old leather. It features non-toxic and has no silicone. Just buff it on the surface and watch your favourite leather couch come back to life.

Furthermore, it has been made and sold in the U.S. since 1988. With over 50 years of leather cleaning knowledge behind them, the company is one of the oldest and most trusted so far. It can be used to protect new leather or restore old leather.


Best for the car – Weiman Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

The Weiman condition includes UV protection, so you can be sure that the application will help protect your leather goods beyond just the initial cleaning. The spray product does the job of cleaning and conditioning your leather goods in one go.

Additionally, after you spray, wipe the product around and buff the leather. it goes on similarly to a traditional conditioner. It is best for car seats, shoes, and furniture.


Beat Affordable – Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

If you want the best leather cleaner available, go with the Chemical Guys Colorless and Odorless Leather Cleaner. It cleans deep into the leather pores, lifting dirt as it lathers up.

However, it works on a variety of leather goods, doesn’t strip the colour from your leather, and does not leave an odour. It is great for heavy oil levels and long-lasting.


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Best for White Car Seats – Chemical Guys

This is a very nice cleaner, meant for a white car seat. It’s small enough to keep in the car or hall closet, so you can quickly address messes as they occur. It is also convenient and works on just about any leather surface.

In addition to the easy to use, it dries to the touch after spraying. The chemical guy leather comes in a small spray bottle that can apply directly to the leather surface.


Weiman 3 in 1 Deep Leather Cleaner

It is safe for treated leather, so you can use it to clean your leather shoes, car seats, handbags, and other leather items. This leather cream is a highly moisturizing conditioner that also cleans but does not include any UV protection.

Also, it is a top-performing cream that makes cleaning and conditioning simple and effective without a lot of work.


Geist. Leather & Upholstery Cleaning Brush

If you want your leather items like car seats, sofas, boots, bags, furniture, and more, you need this leather cleaning brush. It is perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

In addition to that, it is perfect for removing dirt stuck in the leather texture and graining. Makes cleaning easier and quicker. It is designed to be effective yet gentle on leather surfaces and goods.


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Adam’s Leather Care Kit

Are you looking for a kit to breathe new life into your leather and restore it to the way it looked when you first purchased your car? Look no further – with this leather kit, you can safely clean your leather of any oils and nourish that leather back with our leather conditioner.

Additionally, allow your leather surfaces to dry thoroughly and then treat with Adam’s Leather Conditioner. It works to condition every hard-interior surface, including your dash, door panels, and leather seats.



How Do You Use A Leather Cleaner?

It is very easy to use, below are steps to follow:

  • Apply the cleaner to the leather surface
  • Work it into the leather, and wipe any excess away.
  • If you are using a spray bottle or wipes
  • The application process will vary.
  • Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.

How Often Should You Use Leather Cleaner?

Experienced cleaning professional Arryn Wilmington recommends cleaning your leather surfaces every two to three months. “Periodic cleaning, even before you notice dirt building up, helps keep your items more supple and they will last longer.”

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Can You Use Leather Cleaner On Faux Leather?

Yes. You can use some leather cleaners on faux leather, including the Chemical Guys Leather Quick Detailer on our list. Check your product’s instructions before you use it on an alternate surface.

Can You Get Leather Couches Professionally Cleaned?

Absolutely. you can get your leather couches professionally cleaned. Look for a cleaning company that knows how to clean and treat leather. It is also a good idea to ask them what products and methods they use to make sure that they are using something suited for leather.

What Is the Best Way To Clean A Leather Sofa?

According to ‘Always stick to mild dish soap to clean leather. ‘Mix with warm water in a bowl and use to dampen a microfiber cloth, then wipe down the couch with the solution



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