Best Booster Seats – Are Backless Booster Seats Less Safe?

The best booster seats help kids to sit upright. They are extra seats or cushions put in an existing seat for a small child to sit. They can be used in the car, at home, or in restaurants.

Best Booster Seats
Best Booster Seats

Additionally, these seats are specifically to protect your kids from injury or death during vehicle collisions.

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Best Booster Seats

The booster seats are really helpful once your child is between the height of a high chair and a regular seat. It helps the child seat comfortably and safely while sitting with you at a table.

We have compiled a list of some best boosters for your child, and also a guide to help you decide which type of seat is best. These seats are made with high-quality tools

Buying Guide for Booster Seats

Booster seats are fun for kids, they offer comfort and safety while kids are eating at the table. Here are factors to consider when buying the right booster seats.


The booster seats should have high-quality material to avoid hurting your kids. Don’t buy material that easily fades. You can go for plastic combined with wood.


If you are the travelling type, make sure you go for a booster seat you can fold down into a compact shape. Make sure it is lightweight and easy to carry around.

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It is essential you go for a seat that fits your kid’s height and weight when purchasing booster seats. Go for a chair that can comfortably seat your child and will rise them to a suitable height at your table.

Safety Standards

Safety should be your priority. When purchasing booster seats, make sure it meets Consumer Product Safety Commission or Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association, Standard. However, it means the seat is approved for children of your child’s age and will not lead to danger.

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5 Best Booster Seats

Here are top picks from Amazon on the best booster seat for travel, 6 years, for eating, and more. just scroll down to make your choice.

Best Booster Seats for Eating Toddlers – Fisher-Price


  • The detachable tray is dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable three-point harness
  • Folds for storage purposes

This safe booster seat fits most kitchen and dining chairs and is designed to keep your child safe and clean while eating with you. Features adjustable height and come with a 3-point harness for safety purpose.

Additionally, it is very easy to set up and dishwasher-safe feeding tray. Don’t use it in motor vehicles or bench that does not have a seat back,


Chicco Booster Seat


  • Easy to clean
  • Converts to backless
  • For children aged 4

This is a stylish quilted seat and backrest cushions on the booster seat, it provides extended durability and added comfort and zip-off for easy machine washing.

Furthermore, the backrest is also removable to create a backless booster for older children. It comes with 10 adjustable positions of DuoGuard protection for the way kids grow.


Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat


  • Remove & wash fabric
  • Easy to setup
  • Comfort and safety
  • Convenient and Road trip-ready

it is equipped with integrated lap belt guides and a shoulder belt clip to help position the vehicle seat belt for proper use.

However, it is built-in carry handle makes it easy to transfer this portable booster seat from vehicle to vehicle and a smooth underside helps protect vehicle seats from damage.


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Safest Booster Seat – Chicco KidFit Zip Air


  • Engineered for comfort
  • Ease to Use
  • Breathability
  • Easy to wash
  • Designed to grow

There is one of the best booster seats, it is convenient to use and more comfortable. The extra padding features a convenient zip-off design, making them easy to remove for cleaning while still maintaining the use of the standard fabrics underneath.

Additionally, it offers convenient one-hand removal from the vehicle system for easy transfer of seats and vehicles. It is also best for older children.


Best Booster Seats for 4-year-old – BRITAX


  • Easy to setup
  • 5-point harness
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean up

this is another seat for your 4-year-old baby, it is quick to adjust and also easy to clean. It easily transitions from a forward-facing 5-point harness to a belt-positioning booster.

Additionally, the seat and headrest are padded for nap-day rides. It is very easy to clean, 2 cup holders, and snack storage, and big kids enjoy the ride.



What Is The Safest Place For A Booster Seat?

The back seat is the right spot. Place the booster seat forward-facing in the back seat. It’s best to put it in the middle of the back seat where there is a lap and shoulder belt. Plus, check the positioning of the safety seat before each use.

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Are Backless Booster Seats Less Safe?

The backless seat offers less guard than high-back booster seats, which have extra side-impact cushions. It will be in more danger after a T-bone accident.

Should My 5-Year-Old Be In A Car Seat Or Booster?

Children ought to stay in a booster seat until adult seat belts are suitable properly, typically when children reach about 4 feet 9 inches in height and are 8 to 12 years of age.

Is Highback Booster Safer Than Backless?

Yes, they are among the safest choice. A backless booster is still much safer than no booster at all, and some are legitimate reasons parents might choose a no-back model.

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Is High Back Booster Safer Than Backless?

According to Consumer Reports, high-backed boosters are safer than backless ones because they do a better job of properly positioning the seat belt across the child’s chest, hips and thighs.

Is My Child Too Tall For A High Back Booster?

This is typically when a child is 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches) tall and between 8 and 12 years of age. Until you can check all 5 boxes, your child should continue to use a booster seat.



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