How to Deactivate Your Facebook Dating Profile

Are you tired of the Facebook dating service and you wish to discontinue making use of its services? if this is what you wish for, then this is your chance. This post will be guiding you on how to successfully deactivate your Facebook dating profile.

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Dating Profile

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Dating Profile

Before I go any further in this post, there is something very important I have to inform you about. When it comes to Facebook dating profiles, there are certain things that make it very different from your main Facebook account profile.

For example, you can delete your Facebook account profile or choose to deactivate it. Deleting your Facebook account will make all your information permanently lost. You also cannot access the said account after the grace period has elapsed. On the other hand, you can simply deactivate your account as the feature will allow you to access the account whenever you feel like it.

But when it comes to Facebook dating, the case is different. You can only delete your Facebook dating profile, but you cannot deactivate it. If you feel like taking a time off the platform, that’s it. If you ever feel like returning, you will have to create a new dating profile, that’s how it works. So just in case you are misguided as to the title of this post, you shouldn’t be. As used in this context, deactivating means deleting.

How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile

Deleting your Facebook dating profile is the same as deactivating it as used in this post. To therefore delete your Facebook dating profiles successfully, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your Facebook mobile app and select the hamburger icon. Make sure you are logged into your account
  • Tap dating from the extended menu page
  • Tap the settings icon in the top right
  • Select General and scroll down the page and tap the delete profile button
  • Lastly, tap delete

That’s it!

Note: when you delete your Facebook dating profile, you will lose your dating profile and every single piece of information contained in it. You should however know that when you delete conversations from your dating profile, it does not delete them from the other persons dating inbox. Facebook dating users cannot delete received or sent messages from another person’s inbox.

When you delete your Facebook dating profile, your Facebook main account will not be affected, but when you delete your Facebook account your dating profile will also be deleted.


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