LinkedIn’s AI Assistant Will Message Hiring Managers for You

LinkedIn’s AI assistant will message hiring managers for you. According to a post by LinkedIn’s senior director, draft messages from the company’s AI tool will begin rolling out to premium users starting on Tuesday.

LinkedIn’s AI Assistant

LinkedIn’s AI Assistant

If reaching out to the hiring manager in the middle of your job hunt gives you the chills, then artificial intelligence may just help you to get the ball rolling. At least, that’s LinkedIn’s main aim with a new AI message-writing tool that it’s currently experimenting with.

The Rollout Will Start On Tuesday

In a reported rollout to the “premium” users at LinkedIn that begins on Tuesday, “a highly personalized draft message to get a conversation started” will be created via generative AI, drafted from information from your profile, the job description of what you’re applying for and the company in question, as per a post on Tuesday by Ora Levit, the senior director, and head of Core Growth and Premium of the company. The post however was reported earlier by Engadget just in case you don’t know.

The Platforms Advise To Users

Citing the relevance of customization, you should really take the time to edit the draft in a bid “to make it your own and convey your voice,” Levit stated. The manager-messaging tool follows the announcement of LinkedIn that it will use AI writing to beef up your profile, as per the business and networking platform.


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