Windows 11 Clock No Longer Works With Spotify

Windows 11 Clock no longer works with Spotify and it seems that there is no fix for the issue in sight. Due to an expired certificate, Focus Sessions is now broken.

Windows 11 Clock With Spotify

Windows 11 Clock With Spotify

Microsoft back in August 2021 revealed that the regular Windows 11 clock app would be getting a major redesign. And this included a brand-new interrogation with Spotify which is known as Focus Sessions, which as you should know would allow users to create a Focus Timer that would allow users to set a certain amount of time in completing a task while also notifying them as to when a break is due.

The Reason for the Issue

Neowin, however, has reported that for the past couple of months, the certification for that very integration to be possible has expired, thus leaving the feature completely unusable at the moment. And although many users have complaint in the official support forums of Microsoft as well as its Feedback Hub, there have been no official solution on that very side.

Spotify’s Reaction to the Issue

The official forums of Spotify received the very same complaints, and a representative have eventually stated that “We’ve checked around and it looks like this is a known limitation on Windows’ side at the moment due to an expired certificate,” and then went on to advise users to report the very problem to Microsoft support for a more detailed type of explanation.



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