NAPECA Grant Program 2024 (Up to $185,000 CAD In Funding)

Drawing on their extensive history of environmental conservation and management, Indigenous Peoples and communities possess invaluable knowledge systems and practices that contribute to the sustainable preservation and management of resources. This expertise can play a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges, particularly the climate change crisis.

NAPECA Grant Program 2024

NAPECA Grant Program 2024

The NAPECA grant cycle aims to promote climate adaptation in North America by actively involving and empowering communities, with a particular focus on Indigenous and local communities, in utilizing Indigenous Knowledge to bolster community-based resilience to climate change.

The CEC is inviting organizations to submit proposals for environmental initiatives that will assist North American communities in strengthening climate adaptation by collaborating with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to acknowledge, apply, and safeguard traditional and Indigenous knowledge systems.

The seventh cycle of NAPECA grants will center around the theme “Empowering Indigenous Peoples and Enhancing Climate Adaptation by Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge.”


  • The CEC provides funding for projects lasting from 12 to 24 months.
  • Applicants are encouraged to propose projects with budgets up to C$185,000, and exceptional projects may be considered for additional funds if available.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Accepted applicants include tribal nations, Indigenous Peoples, non-profit entities, and academic institutions in Canada, Mexico, or the United States.
  • Examples of eligible applicants consist of Indigenous governments, councils, and organizations; non-governmental organizations (NGOs), environmental groups, and community-based associations; and universities, academic, and public research institutions.
  • All applicants are required to be situated in Canada, Mexico, or the United States.

Selection Criteria

The NAPECA grant program seeks to support projects that:

  • Focus on implementing community activities that enhance climate adaptation while respectfully including and protecting Indigenous Knowledge, and demonstrating recognition and respect for traditional systems.
  • Empower the community(ies) and people involved, proposing activities that lead to community-driven change (such as capacity building for new decision-making or management skills, programs to increase environmental awareness, etc.).
  • Include a comprehensive implementation plan that identifies concrete and measurable objectives and results, specific actions/project activities, beneficiaries, actors, and an estimated budget.
  • Achieve tangible and measurable positive environmental outcomes benefiting species, ecosystems, sustainable development, or community preparedness/resilience to climate change, suitable for reporting within the NAPECA support timeframe (i.e., 12 to 24 months).
  • Have potential for replication in other regions or inspiring other communities to implement initiatives addressing similar issues tailored to their needs, priorities, and realities.
  • Establish formal or informal partnerships or collaborations that respond to community-identified challenges and priorities, respecting and fostering Indigenous knowledge and systems and recognizing Indigenous rights, possibly with local or other Indigenous Peoples and communities, academia (and/or youth), non-governmental organizations, different levels of government, and the private sector within the North American region.
  • Utilize additional resources (such as personnel, materials, or finances) to maximize the project’s effectiveness, reproducibility, and long-term viability.
  • Are submitted on time and through the established process.

How to Apply For the NAPECA Grant Program 2024

Submissions must be made in digital format via the online application portal. To submit a proposal, individuals must register an account and fill out the form on the internet.

For further information please visit NAPECA Grant Program.  

Application Deadline

January 18, 2024.

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