How to Draw an Apple

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of drawing and shading an apple in six simple steps. While drawing an apple may seem straightforward, achieving a well-executed drawing requires attention to detail.

How to Draw an Apple

Follow along to ensure your drawing captures the essential features of an apple with proper shading techniques. Let’s break down the process to make it easy for you to create a realistic and visually appealing depiction of this iconic fruit.

What you’ll need

To draw an apple, you’ll need a few basic art supplies and a keen eye for observation. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  1. Paper: Quality drawing paper.
  2. Pencils: Range of hardness (2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B).
  3. Eraser: Soft and kneaded erasers.
  4. Sharpener: For keeping pencils sharp.
  5. Reference Image: Clear picture or real apple.
  6. Light Source: Understand the direction of light.
  7. Patience and Practice: Be patient and practice regularly.

Now that you have your supplies ready, let’s proceed to draw our apple following six steps.

How to Draw an Apple

Here’s how to draw an apple:

Step 1:

In the initial step of our guide on drawing an apple, we’re laying the foundation. Rather than jumping straight into the final drawing, start by sketching two intersecting oval shapes using a light pencil. These ovals will serve as a helpful guide for the next steps.

Step 2:

Now, let’s bring your apple to life! Utilize the ovals as a reference to carefully outline the shape of your apple. Initially, use a pencil for the outline, and once satisfied, trace it over with a pen. Remember to let the ink dry thoroughly before erasing the pencil lines to avoid smudging.

Step 3:

The more challenging parts are behind us. In this step, add a stem to the top of your apple. You can replicate the thickness of the stem in our example or adjust it to your liking.

Step 4:

Time for more details! Draw a leaf on the right side of the stem. If it seems a bit plain, fret not, as we’ll enhance it in the next step.

Step 5:

Let’s bring it all together! Add final details to your Apple drawing. For instance, we finished our guide by adding veiny details to the leaf from Step 4. Feel free to get creative—consider adding a friendly worm or subtle touches like light reflections on the apple.

Step 6:

The finishing touch! It’s time to add color to your drawing. Get creative with your color choices—red, green, yellow, or any favorite color. Choose your preferred art medium, whether it’s classic acrylic paints for a timeless feel or vibrant colored pens for a funkier look.

Now, with your apple drawing complete, reflect on what elements you’d like to incorporate to make it uniquely yours. What colours and details will you use to wrap up this tutorial on drawing an apple?

3 extra tips to make your apple drawing easy

Drawing an apple can be super enjoyable, and we’re here to make it even easier for you!

While it might seem like drawing an apple is a breeze, our guide showed that there can be some challenges. But worry not—we’ve got two ways to simplify it.

First, check out some apple pictures to get the hang of the shape, leaves, and stem. Or go the extra mile and use a real apple as a model—bonus, you’ll have a snack afterward!

If the drawing feels tricky, don’t stress. Make it your own by simplifying details. Change the shape, skip the leaf—whatever makes it more fun for you. Drawing is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful.

Remember that it’s okay to struggle. You can always try again later when you’re feeling more confident. The key is to keep practicing and never give up. If a part isn’t working, tweak it or start fresh.

Feel free to start with pencils and switch to a pen when you’re satisfied. No need to show all your attempts and there’s no shame in starting over if you hit a roadblock.

Keep at it, and soon you’ll be creating an amazing apple drawing with ease.

Your Apple drawing is complete

And that wraps up our guide on drawing an apple! We hope you enjoyed exploring this classic art subject with us.

Despite their simplicity, less detailed objects like apples can be deceptively tricky to draw due to their distinct shape. That’s precisely why we crafted this guide—to make nailing that shape easy and enjoyable for you!

Our goal is always to make drawing guides both fun and informative, so we hope you had a good time learning.

Now that you’ve crafted a beautiful apple, the real fun begins! Get creative by adding extra details. Will you sketch a background setting or introduce more fruit companions?

Your color choices and preferred art mediums open up endless possibilities to personalize your drawing.

Excitingly, we have many more fantastic drawing guides in the pipeline, so be sure to check our site regularly. There’s always a chance to discover new drawing adventures with each visit!

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