How to Fold T-Shirt

T-shirts, tank tops, and the occasional dress shirt (for a night out) are essential items in any wardrobe. However, nobody enjoys spending time ironing and steaming their shirts. That’s why it’s important to prevent wrinkles in the first place by using a folding technique that would impress Marie Kondo.

How to Fold T-Shirt

Before you face the daunting task of tackling that large pile of clothes on your next laundry day, explore these five different techniques to make this chore, dare I say it, actually enjoyable.

Well, at least they’ll help you get through it faster. Once you’ve mastered these techniques, we even have some ideas to organize the closet of your dreams—even if you’re dealing with limited square footage and don’t have a walk-in closet.

How to Fold a T-shirt

Folding a t-shirt is a breeze with the Pinch and Fold Method. Follow these simple steps to magically fold a t-shirt in just two seconds:

  1. Lay the shirt sideways with the collar on your right side.
  2. Identify point A at chest level and point B at the top right of the shirt.
  3. Note that point C is at the bottom hem on your left side.
  4. Pinch both points A and B simultaneously in one smooth motion.
  5. Cross your arms to pinch point C.
  6. Uncross your arms, give the shirt a shake to settle it, and fold.

How to fold a T-shirt standing up

Folding a t-shirt perfectly while standing may seem like a challenge, but it’s achievable with the Chest Fold method. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. With the shirt’s front facing you, fold the top side down.
  2. Fold the shirt’s top and bottom together to create a square.
  3. Bring the folded shirt onto your chest.
  4. Flatten it, and finish by folding the entire shirt over.

How to fold a shirt, Marie Kondo style

Since her Netflix debut, Marie Kondo has been bringing joy to homes worldwide with her KonMari method. The show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo motivated viewers to actively declutter their spaces, including their shirt drawers.

To fold a shirt the Marie Kondo way, start by folding outwards instead of inwards, then fold in thirds to create a neat rectangle or packet.

The unique touch is making the shirts stand up on their own, allowing you to store them vertically in drawers, almost like a clothing filing cabinet. This method is great for easily seeing all your clothes at a glance, preventing you from wearing the same thing repeatedly.

How to fold a shirt without wrinkles

Beating wrinkles in the morning is a victory, especially when you’re rushing out and don’t have time for ironing or steaming. Learn the art of folding a shirt (with a bit of rolling!) to minimize wrinkles at home or while on the go.

  1. Lay a shirt flat and fold the bottom hem upwards once.
  2. Fold each side towards the middle.
  3. Fold once more to create a rectangle and then roll.
  4. Pull the bottom hem all around the shirt until everything is neatly tucked in.

How to fold a collared shirt

Dress shirts with collars usually look great when hung up, but when you’re traveling, folding becomes necessary. Here’s a simple way to fold a collared shirt:

  1. Lay the shirt with the buttons facing down.
  2. Fold in the long sleeves one at a time.
  3. Fold both sides of the shirt towards the center.
  4. Finally, fold the bottom in thirds.

This method ensures your collared shirt is tightly folded, and, crucially, the collar stays in shape!

How to store shirts on shelves

Now that you’ve learned how to fold your t-shirts, it’s time to put them on shelves. Shelf dividers make it easy to stack shirts without them falling over.

Whether you prefer the Chest Fold or the Marie-Kondo Style, using fabric storage bins is a great way to keep your t-shirts organized on a shelf. If you like the folding-and-rolling method, you can place your burrito-shaped shirts in a wire basket for a super neat look.

Sometimes shelves aren’t available, especially in closets. That’s where storage shelf cubes come in handy. Choose the style that suits your lifestyle, so you can focus on more important things, like where you’re going in that fresh, wrinkle-free tee.


When folding t-shirts, it’s important to start by ironing them to ensure a smooth finish. Choose a folding technique that you find comfortable and can easily master. Keep in mind that there’s no perfect folding method, as some may still leave small creases and wrinkles.

However, you can quickly fix this by holding the shirt’s top and giving it a shake before wearing it. The key tip for effective t-shirt folding is to smooth the shirt’s surface before each step or after every fold.

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