Microsoft Teams adds Snapchat Lenses for Video Calls

Microsoft Teams adds Snapchat lenses for video calls. There are reportedly 26 Snapchat lenses to select from that add AR effects to meetings.

Microsoft Teams Snapchat Lenses

Microsoft Teams Snapchat Lenses

Microsoft has now teamed up with Snap in a bid to add Snapchat Lenses to Microsoft Teams. Over 20 Snapchat Lenses are now part of the Microsoft Teams app, and this is including the ones that will place a cat on your head, a sloth on your shoulder, or even virtual sunglasses on your face during video calls.

Teams Users Do Not Need To Download a Separate App to Use the Feature

Users of Teams do not need to download a separate app or even an add-on, as Microsoft has now integrated Snapchat’s AR Lenses directly into the video effects section of the Teams client. Microsoft has leveraged the Camera Kit SDK of Snap to bring these Snapchat Lenses to the Teams platform.

And while Microsoft also makes use of Snap’s Camera Kit for its Flip education platform in adding Snapchat Lenses to videos, this very new Teams feature will be limited to just Teams for Work users only. And if you are using the personal or education version of the Teams platform then you will not be able to get access to these new Snapchat Lenses. You will also have to use the present “classic” version of Teams instead of the “New Teams” preview client that Microsoft started previewing in the latter part of last month.

Snapchat Just Shut Down Its Camera App

The reported addition of Snapchat Lenses to Microsoft Teams is coming just months after Snap shut down its own Camera app that could easily apply similar filters in Teams and Zoom. Snap Camera initially launched back in 2018 and was primarily crafted for Twitch streams, but the pandemic-related rise in video calls saw it grow in popularity and then created viral moments such as a boss turning into a potato for the duration of a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Microsoft Is Working On New Animated Backgrounds for Teams Meetings

The company is also working on new animated backgrounds for Teams meetings. A newly introduced dynamic backgrounds feature will begin rolling out in May thus allowing users to easily replace their background “with a dynamic animation for a more immersive virtual environment.”



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