Jennifer Lopez Stars as a Reformed Assassin in the Mother Trailer

Jennifer Lopez stars as a reformed assassin in The Mother trailer. The just-released trailer suggests that we are going to be getting a good-time action film where Jennifer Lopez gets to deal with lots of really bad guys all the while looking pretty and good.

Jennifer Lopez stars in The Mother Trailer

Jennifer Lopez stars in The Mother Trailer

Jennifer Lopez has just figured out how we all should be spending our Mother’s Day, and it is apparently watching her former assassin character protect her kid and in the process deal with lots of bad guys from her past life. And that is when her new film The Mother gets to premiere on Netflix.

The film as you should know comes from writer Misha Green, who also wrote the exceptional Lovecraft Country as well as Underground. Joseph Fiennes and Gael García Bernal are playing the role of the bad guys that J.Lo needs to deal with, while Omari Hardwick, on the other hand, plays the dreamy old friend who just really gets her, and Edie Falco lastly plays the cops.

What to Expect From the Movie

And as action films go, this one looks pretty rote, but that’s okay anyways as the beauty of action films is not what kind of wild plot they get to fabricate or the wonderful little moments that are shared between characters although those can really be nice to have and, with Green all behind the story, I have great and high expectations for this one.

The beauty of an action film as you should know is in the action set pieces as well as the charisma of the lead. And in this case, you have got J.Lo, which is one of the most charismatic people to ever exist, and at least as per the trailer, you have got some very fun action set pieces to enjoy when the movie finally premieres.

Netflix’s The Mother Premier Date

Netflix’s The Mother premiers on the streaming platform on May 12, 2023.



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