Steve Jobs Archive Reportedly Releases Free ebook With Jobs Speeches and Photos

Steve Jobs Archive reportedly releases a free ebook with Jobs speeches and photos. One item available via Apple Books is ‘Make Something Wonderful,’ and it can also be downloaded from the Steve Jobs Archive.

Steve Jobs Archive Free ebook

Steve Jobs Archive Free ebook

The Steve Jobs Archive as you should already know by now has published Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words which is a new free ebook that contains a curated collection of photographs, emails, speeches, and interviews from the Apple co-founder, and some of which have never been seen by the public prior to this.

The Book Is Now Available To Read on the Website of the Archive

Make Something Wonderful is now available to read on the website of the Archive via a custom page that is designed by Jony Ive’s creative agency LoveFrom and it is even set in LoveFrom’s custom typeface. The website lets readers to navigate through the table of contents of the book making use of a scroll bar that is labeled with subsections. An ebook version also is available on Apple Books, from participating libraries through the Libby app, or via a direct download from the reported Steve Jobs Archive.

What the Book Contains

And in addition to covering his history with Apple which is including launching, being ousted, and then returning to the firm, Make Something Wonderful includes the perspectives of Jobs on other events all throughout his life, spanning his childhood and his time with Pixar as well as NeXT.

The Introductory Content of the Book

The book in question opens with the quote that inspired the title of the book, taken from an interview with Jobs back in 2007: “One of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.” Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Jobs also provides her very own introduction, thus saying, “The best way to understand a person is to listen to that person directly. And the best way to understand Steve is to listen to what he said and wrote over the course of his life.”



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