Google Users can Now Add Password to their My Activity Archive – Google My Activity Archive Security 

Google now allows its users to add passwords to their my Activity Archive and can do more. A lot of people from around the globe are worried about their online privacy. No one wants to know what the other person is doing online because that information can be highly personal, and this includes research into some medical conditions and more.

Google Users can Now Add Password to their My Activity Archive

Google Users Can Now Add Password to their My Activity Archive

When users of Google products, including Android devices, Smart speakers, and chrome browser for you to surf the internet, all their activity history now remain stored on the Google servers.

The activity history can now be accessed via the My Activity service. To add to saving the web history, the services can now store information on app users have launched on any particular day and places that you have been checked through the Maps. Essentially, there is a large volume of information that is available via the My Activity that cannot just reveal the particular locations you frequent. In other protect that data, Google has now included an additional layer of security to ensure that you can gain access to this information.

Google My Activity Archive Security 

Google Stated that their users can now turn on their extra verification in other to allow google to ensure that it’s actually you before showing or allowing deletion of the full history on My Activity. The aim of this is to make sure that history information remains more secure on shared devices. Google is also clear that the new settings that apply only to the My Activity located in history could still appear in other Google Products.

Users are offered a radio button to require an extra verification and a radio button to not need additional verification. If you cannot add the verification, the feature would need you to identify before exposing the history. The verification is done by taking all the users to the standard that Google sign-in page, where you get to enter your password or connect using an Android device if that feature has been set up.

Using a Shared Device

To anyone that is making use of a shared device among family members or other users, being able to lock down their information is a welcome addition. It cannot stop anyone from selecting device left unlocked and viewing the frequent apps that you make use of.


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