Microsoft Home and Student 2021 is Currently $40off For the Holidays

Microsoft Home and Student 2021 is currently $40 off for the holidays. This is an excellent last-minute gift idea for students who are both young and old. With this $40 off gift item, effectively maximize productivity with the trio of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel from Microsoft.

Microsoft Home and Student 2021

Microsoft Home and Student 2021

While you just may not be thinking about any productivity tools as a first thought during the festive season, there is actually an offer on Microsoft Home and Student 2021 that you just might want to take advantage of. Amazon has reportedly knocked off $40 off the productivity suite, all the way down from $149.99.

What You Get With This Offer

In this very offer, you are sure to get a bundle of three of Microsoft’s most popular and most widely known productivity apps ever which are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can make use of this very bundle on Windows 11, Windows 10, and macOS (although some users in question in reviews report problems with trying to install it on macOS devices). These here as you should know are Microsoft Office products, and not Microsoft 365 products, so that said, you don’t need to continuously pay a subscription fee but know that you also do not get upgrades included as standard.

Why You Shouldn’t Pass Up On This Offer

This here is a terrific option if it is that you only need these three apps and don’t need every small new development that Microsoft timely adds to them. It however does seem like Microsoft will be trying to push you in the direction of getting Microsoft 365 which really I could see being annoying, it however looks like once you have this trio of apps at your disposal, you are basically good to go, and don’t have to pay any fee or anything on top of that. Once you have paid for it, it should be available immediately for instant download.



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