The Best Action Game of the Year Is Currently Selling For $20 Off

The best action game of the year is currently selling for $20 off. Armored Coe VI Fires of Rubicon as you should know is only $39.99 on consoles. Additionally, there are also deals on the Shokz OepnRun Pro bone conduction headphones and many more.

The Best Action Game of the Year

The Best Action Game of the Year

The year 2023 has been filled wall to wall with great games, but one of the out-of-rader low-key best is now retailing for its best price. Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon of FromSoftware is currently available in disc form for $39.99 ($20 off) at Amazon (PS5 / Xbox / PS4), Best Buy (PS5 / Xbox / PS4), and direct from the Bandai Namco Store. The game in question is still very much fresh off its win for Best Action Game at the Keighleys, but it has not gotten many notable discounts just before now.

What You Need To Know About the Armored Core Series

The Armored Core series in question has always been a bit niche, and mostly appealing to mecha sickos who in question love battling through postapocalyptic sci-fi worlds with robots that they have customized out the wazoo, and FromSoftware reportedly brought it back for 2023 with a true-to-form installment.

AC6 may just be from the same developer that brought us Dark Souls and the sprawling Elden Ring, but as you should know it eschews modern open worlds in favor of classic mission-based gameplay which is kind of excellent and perfect simply because it enables you to bite off digestible chunks of the game and duck into the armory constantly to help tinker with new mech mods and weapons.

And this deal in question is perfectly timed if it is that you find yourself turning into one of those obsessive mecha gearheads, as the game just got a brand new ranked matchmaking update for its PvP mode.



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