Microsoft Edge Is Reportedly Trying Out a Handy Accessibility Feature for Copilot

Microsoft Edge is reportedly trying out a handy accessibility feature for Copilot and this is yet another nifty tweak to the platform and tool. The option in question to help read out responses by Copilot is currently in testing.

Microsoft Edge Accessibility Feature for Copilot

Microsoft Edge Accessibility Feature for Copilot

Popular browser, Microsoft Edge now has a very useful new feature on the accessibility front for those people making use of its Bing AI available in the browser.

Just as Leopeva64 on X (formerly known as Twitter) noticed, in the test versions of Edge carried out earlier on reportedly known as Canary and Dev on Edge Copilot (which might just be able to help you get a Black Friday bargain) now has a new option to help read the chat aloud.

After you have reportedly run a query, there is now a speaker button that you can easily press to have the text response read out to you out loud, and the button in question also turns into a pause button during playback thus enabling you to stop the read-through in the event that it is needed temporarily.

How to Access the New Feature

You should however note that this option in question is part of a phased rollout, the leaker reveals to us, thus meaning that even if it is that you are running a test version of Edge, you just may not see it just yet as only selected testers will. This is a very common practice for features in the early preview stages, of course, just so you know.

Other Notable Changes to Take Note Of

The New Tab menu elsewhere in Edge, which is located at the top-right corner of the service, which is next to the window minimize control now has a new addition and this is a list of ‘Recently visited’ websites located at the foot of the panel. And just as you might guess, this is a very simple and convenient way to get back to any web page that you have just been to but have since closed quickly.

What It Means For the New Feature to Be In Testing

The feature again is still very much in testing though, but however only just for the canary version of Edge in this scenario.



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