GitHub’s AI Coding Assistant is Now Available – GitHub Copilot Has Arrived

GitHub’s AI coding Assistant has now been made available to all and is free for some. Last year it was launched in a private preview, GitHub copilot is now available to all the developers for a price of $10/month or $100/Year – and at no cost for students and maintainers of popular open-source projects.

GitHub’s AI Coding Assistant is Now Available

Github stated that the full-scale launch of copilot marks the “First time in the history of software” that AI can be deployed widely in other to assist with the composition of code.

GitHub Copilot Has Arrived

GitHub Copilot made waves when it was originally announced in the year 2021, promising a significant increase in its productivity courtesy of on-the-fly coding suggestions for developers.

According to GitHub “When you type code or comments, GitHub Copilot suggests the next line of code. But it’s not only a single word or line of code. GitHub Copilot can suggest complete methods, boilerplate code, whole unit tests, and even complex algorithms.”

This tool was also integrated with a wide range of development environments, from Neovim to visual Studio and JetBrains IDEs.

GitHub’s AI Coding Assistant

Several people have registered concerns about the potential for Copilot code to introduce costly inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities to projects: after all, the code generated by the service is imperfect. Meanwhile, others have started to raise questions concerning the ownership of code and legal liabilities.

The tool has appeared to have been received very well, in the developer community. Since the initial launch upwards of 1.2 million people have sampled Copilot, a third of which still remain regular users. As stated by GitHub, about 40% of the written code happens to be Copiloted across projects supported by the service.

Get Project Done Faster

According to GitHub “Just like the rise of compilers and open source, it seems like AI-assisted coding is here to change the fundamental nature of software development, offering developers a new tool to write code easier and faster so that they would be able to live happier lives,”

At the moment, the copilot is available to individual developers, the next thing for Github is to bring the service to a large development team. The company stated that it would allow business customers to purchase much larger multi-seat licenses by the end of the year.


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