Apply Now for Journalismfund Fossil Fuel Grants Programme 2024 (Up to €50,000 Grant)

News media and newsrooms tend to focus mainly on national coverage, but the climate crisis and obstacles to shifting away from fossil fuels go beyond national borders.

Journalismfund Fossil Fuel Grants Programme

Journalismfund Fossil Fuel Grants Programme 2024

The Fossil Fuel Grant Programme seeks to assist international teams of journalists and news organizations in uncovering and reporting on undisclosed actions of European fossil fuel companies and their associates both within and outside of Europe.

Along with investigating cross-border activities of the fossil fuel industry, this initiative also supports comparisons of local industry practices or policies across multiple regions.

The stories that result from these investigations must be published by a minimum of two media outlets in two different countries, with at least one of them being a European media entity.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Cross-border teams consisting of at least two journalists or news outlets can propose a journalistic investigation focusing on environmental issues. The applicants must be legally residing in at least two different countries to be eligible for funding.
  • The applicants should be professional freelance journalists or established news outlets, and they must provide references or evidence of their previous work.
  • News outlets must be legally registered entities that have been in operation for at least a year before the grant application deadline.
  • The investigative proposal should be related to cross-border environmental journalism, specifically on European affairs. It should have relevance to Europe, whether the investigation takes place within or outside of Europe.
  • In addition to investigations that address environmental issues transcending borders, this grant also supports comparative investigations into local environmental matters and policies between two or more countries, regions, or cities.
  • The results of the investigation must be published by at least two professional news outlets in two different countries, one of which must be in Europe. Letters of intent from at least two professional news outlets are mandatory.
  • The eligible forms of investigative journalism include print, online, broadcast, and cross-media formats. This indicates that your research findings can be disseminated through various media platforms such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, photo essays, books, podcasts, and journalistic works.

How to Apply

  • Once you register with your email address, you can gain access to the online application form. The form allows you to navigate freely and view the required information for your application. This includes:
  • details of team members
  • information related to the intended investigation
  • details about intended publication channels (including letters of intent from news outlets),
  • a comprehensive budget based on the provided
  • You will be prompted to upload certain administrative documents.
  • A single team member can initiate a draft application and invite multiple people to collaborate on the online draft. The in-progress application can be saved and edited at any time.

For further information visit the official website of Journalismfund Fossil Fuel Grants Programme .

Application Deadline

April 25, 2024.

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