John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) 2024 – Apply Now

The John Allwright Fellowship Programme 2024 applications are now open. The fellowship gives eligible scientists from partner nations who have recently or presently participated in ACIAR research programmes, the chance to pursue official postgraduate degrees at an Australian university.

John Allwright Fellowship

The John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) was primarily established to enhance the capacity of ACIAR partner nation institutions towards conducting scientific research.

John Allwright Fellowship Details

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Capacity Building Program’s main investment is in the JAF programme. The Australia Awards system, it offers PhD and master’s by research scholarships to agricultural researchers.

During their scholarship, ACIAR offers participants extra pastoral support and leadership development opportunities to assist them bridge the gap between their academic work and the following phases of their careers.


The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) offers the John Allwright Fellowship (JAF), as the larger Australian Awards structure.

Selected Fellows will participate in the JAF Executive Leadership Programme (JAFel); a professional development programme covering a variety of topics to support JAFs in bridging the gap between study and the next stages of the Fellow’s career development.

Successful Candidates will receive more pastoral care through the JAF Support Facility.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the John Allwright Fellowship, Applicants must be citizens of the country in which they are working.

To be eligible for selection, prospective Candidates must meet the conditions below:

  • Candidates must have worked on an ACIAR project within 24 months of applying
  • Candidates should possess qualifications equivalent to the Australian bachelor’s degree relevant to the postgraduate study.
  • Candidates must be scientists or economists from the developing country partner and are involved in a collaborative research project supported by ACIAR at the time of application
  • Applicants must be jointly supported in the application by the project leaders of the partner country and the Australian project leader in the case that the ACIAR project is commissioned to an Australian partner, or in the case that the project leader of the partner country and the international leader jointly support the application.
  • Secure authorization from the hiring organization, which must consent to the candidate’s absence if they are awarded a scholarship for the duration of the postgraduate programme.
  • Verify the support of the prospective research supervisor(s) in writing and provide proof that their employment is long-term rather than temporary.

How to Apply

Apply now for the John Allwright Fellowship using the guide below:

  • Visit the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS) at
  • Proceed to register an account to start your application
  • It’s important to ensure that the ACIAR John Allwright Fellowships award program is selected once registered.
  • Through the application form, applicants can update responses, upload supporting documents and save, up to the designated closing date.

For more information, John Allwright Fellowship on

Application Deadline

31st May 2024.

FAQs for John Allwright Fellowship

How does the John Allwright Fellowship support women leaders?

ACIAR has pledged In its Gender Equity Policy and Strategy 2017–2022, to attain gender parity by 2020 in its programme for capacity building. In keeping with this commitment, women now make up at least 50% of the recipients of the John Allwright Fellowship.

Where can I study?

When choosing your desired university of study, a list of Australian universities will be available on the application page.

Can I apply if I’m intending to migrate or if I have permanent residency?

No, you can’t apply, as the Australia Awards are not open to intending migrants or those who have Australian permanent residency. It is expected that Awardees leave Australia for a minimum of two years after completing their scholarship.

Which countries are eligible for this round?

For this round, candidates from the African region, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific region, are encouraged to apply. However, applicants must be scientists or economists from the developing country partner actively involved in a collaborative research project supported by ACIAR.

Is there an age limit on applicants?

There is no age limit imposed by the Australia Awards Policy.

Am I eligible to apply if I worked on an ACIAR project over 24 months ago?

No. This does not meet the criterion for the John Allwright Fellowship program.

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