Intel Reportedly Revealed Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs Quietly

Intel reportedly revealed Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs quietly, but unfortunately, users are not too convinced with the way it went down. Well, these desktop processors did not turn up at the innovation event after all, so yes, it was quietly revealed.

Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs

Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs

The Raptor Lake Refresh processors of Intel were shown off actually at the just recently concluded innovation event, but if it is that you may be blinked, then it is that you most definitely missed it.

VideoCardz has the scoop and info on this one, just so you know, although it is very true that Raptor Lake Refresh – next-gen desktop processors that are expected to launch very soon, in October to be precise didn’t really play any part in the big keynote or any other major announcements of Intel at Innovation.

Raptor Lake Refresh silicon, however, was powering a demo session at Innovation as VideoCardz reportedly pointed out.

This in question as you should know took place on day two of the said conference, with the presenter thus informing viewers that this was in fact the first public showing of a PC that is powered by a Raptor Lake Refresh processor.

Content of the Demo Revealed At the Innovation

The demo itself as you should know reportedly showed the process of capturing a virtual avatar of a person in real life, but however sadly, no details of what the actual chip was inside the PC were additionally revealed. Indeed, we were actually told nothing spec-wise regarding Raptor Lake Refresh.

In short, this was about as paper-thin as a reported next-gen CPU reveal could as well be. We were not even told anything regarding the spec at all (although we can guess the processor that was used would be the top-of-the-line flagship).

Intel Focusing On Meteor Lake Entirely

That being said, since the Innovation event, we have been commenting at just how surprised we were that nothing was stated about Raptor Lake Refresh, so that in question isn’t entirely true. Very little was revealed, mind, and that in itself in question tells a story of Intel focusing pretty much on Meteor Lake entirely, and not really shuffling Raptor Lake Refresh to one side apparently.

Meteor Lake Silicon Will Reportedly Be On the Desktop

The other major revelation that we caught today is that Meteor Lake silicon will reportedly be on the desktop, and that is a very huge development. And as far as we were aware, Intel originally had plans to bring out Core i5 (or i3) Meteor Lake chips on desktop, but the most recent chatter on the rumor mill was that this idea in question had been cast aside – and that also is not true.


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