Intel Raptor Lake Leak from Amazon Suggests Costly CPUs

Intel Raptor Lake leak from amazon suggests costly CPUs as 13th-gen chips have shown to be worrisome in regards to their prices but in all let’s not all be carried away just yet.

Intel Raptor Lake Leak from Amazon Suggests Costly CPUs

Intel Raptor Lake Leak from Amazon Suggests Costly CPUs

Going by some leaked pricing just sighted recently, the Raptor Lake processors by Intel may be a tad bit more expensive when compared to current-gen Alder lake chips. The leaked pricing was spotted on amazon but just as usual, there are some serious caveats to consider here.

Regular user and Twitter-based leaker @momomo_us sighted the Core i9-13900KF by Intel listed on amazon UK, as well as the 13700K and 13700KF, and including the 13600KF.

The Product Listings Have Been Pulled Down On Amazon

And ever since it was first spotted, the product listings have been pulled down, but this is not before the leaker took some screenshots thus giving us some insight and evidence of the price tags in regards to these chips, with the 13900KF running to a huge fee of £750 in the united kingdom ( around $800 and AU$1,230).

The 13700K as seen weighed in at £547 which is equivalent to $585 and AU$900. And the 13600KF on the other hand at £349 which is also equivalent to $370 and AU$570. With that being said, it all looks very much pricey. And just as Tech Powerup which sighted the tweet said, this is a substantial markup on the Alder lake processors.

Rumors Online Suggests That Intel Could Notch Up the Prices for Raptor Lake

In recent times, there have been many rumors making the rounds online suggesting that Intel could notch up the prices for the Raptor Lake. Many experts in the industry have also declared that the pricing that comes with most of these chips will be going on the rise in the near future and this will not be doing anything in easing those fears.

What This Leak Actually Means

Generally speaking, the leaks such as these early product listings make use of placeholder pricing thus meaning that they do not reflect the actual MSRPs that Intel will be placed on the raptor lake CPUs. With that being said, it may be a decent guestimate and it will be indicative of the direction that a major retailer is expecting pricing to go in, so it simply is a worrying sign in that respect, maybe.


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