How to Fix Windows 11 Stuck in Airplane Mode

In this article, we would be giving you steps on How to Fix Windows 11 Stuck in Airplane Mode. When your phone’s Airplane Mode is enabled, other wireless connections like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth would be shut down. This is normally what you would want in some kind of situation, but if you cannot turn off your Airplane Mode, you won’t be offered access to the wireless networks or devices.

How to Fix Windows 11 Stuck in Airplane Mode

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Why Won’t my Airplane Mode be Off?

Depending on the kind of device you are making use of, you can control the Airplane Mode via software or a physical switch. If you are experiencing some issues with either, the feature stays on when you want it to be switched off.

Diagnosing just why the device is stuck in Airplane mode can be quite difficult, but the steps below would allow you to walk through several ways to turn off Airplane mode and identify issues that might be causing it to be stuck.

Do you Need to Turn off Airplane Mode?

One thing you should have at the back of your mind before you decide to follow these steps is that it is possible for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to be off, preventing it from working, and for Airplane mode to be off. In other words, if you cannot reach the internet, or a Bluetooth device fails to work, it might just have nothing to do with your Airplane mode.

One method to note if your Airplane mode is on is if you see the plane right next to the clock icon. If you can’t see the Airplane icon, and yet you cannot get the Wi-Fi to turn on, then you might need to focus on getting your Wi-Fi fixed instead.

There might be a physical switch on your Laptop for the Wi-Fi which keeps it from working even when your Airplane mode is switched off.

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How Airplane Mode Works

Also, it is very important that you understand just how your Airplane mode works. The airplane mode does not need to be off for you to make use of the wireless radios. When the Airplane mode is turned on, things like the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices get disconnected immediately. However, you can choose to manually connect them without having to turn off the Airplane mode.

Let’s say, if your Airplane mode is on at the moment, enabling and making use of your Bluetooth would not shut it off, and the plane logo would remain on the taskbar. The same remains true for Wi-Fi. Right now, you can think of the Airplane mode as “shut of everything” and not a kill switch.

How to Fix Windows 11 Stuck in Airplane Mode

If your Airplane mode is stuck on, and you have tried to switch it off but cannot, here are some things you can try out to switch it off.

Restart your computer

In most circumstances, an issue that does not seem to have any clear cause on a computer can be mostly solved by simply rebooting your computer. So, your first approach to getting this fixed is switching it off and turning it on again.

Turning it Off Differently

You can choose to try turning off your Airplane mode using a different method, like within the settings. You can access it quickly using WIN+i. Also, you can find it right on the network and internet section.

Disable it From the Desktop

If you always disabled your Airplane mode from settings, you should try doing it from the desktop. Select the network/volume area close to the clock icon, and then select the Airplane mode button.

Use the Airplane Button

If your laptop or computer keyboard has an Airplane mode, try using it to turn off the Airplane mode. Laptops that have this button would turn off the Airplane mode on or off by just pressing it.

Disable Airplane Mode Switch

You can try disabling and enabling the Airplane mode switch collection device in the device manager. By doing this, you should refresh your windows 11’s awareness of Airplane mode, allowing you to disable it normally.

In other to do this, you can choose to launch the device manager, expand the human interface devices category, and then disable the device by right-clicking it and selecting disable the device. Once you have disabled it fully, try right-clicking on it once more and then select Enable device.

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Uninstall the Network Device

Try uninstalling the network device and then rebooting the windows automatically in other to have it reinstalled.

You can also do this via the device manager. Expand the network adapters category and then right-click the Wi-Fi adapter to find the uninstall device option.

Update Network Drivers

You might be having issues with your airplane mode simply because of a missing driver or outdated one. So, update your driver tool and check to see if the problem has been fixed.


Why is Airplane Mode Greyed out in Windows 11?

Sometimes, issues with the network adapter found on your PC can also cause the airplane mode to appear grayed out. in some situations, you can try disabling the network adapter and then enable it again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Do I Need to turn off my Electronics on an Airplane?

No. if you are taking electronics on a plane, and the device can connect to the internet, it is best to put them in airplane mode during take-off so that they do not interfere with the airport equipment.

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