Best Foot Peel Masks for Calluses, Dry Dead Skin & Cracked Heels

The best foot masks help you to peel and break down layers of your feet’s dead skin over time resulting in healthy and smooth skin.Best Foot Masks

In the beauty world, foot masks are becoming more popular and their perceived ability to help detox the body. Plus, they help draw out impurities, quicken cell turnover, and seriously exfoliate and moisturize tough foot skin. Just keep scrolling down for more info on these masks.

Best Foot Masks

Foot masks are cosmetics made to be slathered on the feet. These items are different from foot lotion.

Once it dries, it is said to help detox the body, boost circulation and cell turnover, eliminate foot odor, and also smoot the foot skin.

Some of these products, like baby foot, promote skin peeling that leaves only fresh, new skin behind. These bottom masks are easy to use, apply, and rinsed from the feet after a period of about three to five minutes.

How To Use a Foot Mask

They are so easy to use, below are steps by steps to follow to use them:

  • First, get the foot mask from Amazon or any of your best retailers online or in-store.
  • To enjoy the benefits, clean and dry feet
  • Slather a thin layer of the foot mask all over each foot, being sure not to skip the soles, toes, and top of the feet.
  • Allow it to fully dry, which can take from three to 10 minutes
  • Finally, rinse with warm water, and follow up with a generous slather of good quality foot lotion or foot cream

Best Foot Peel Mask 2022

If you are looking for the best foot peel mask, you are in the right place below are top picks from Amazon

Baby Foot – Original Foot Peel Exfoliator for Men

Key Features

  • Item Form: Gel
  • Active Ingredients: Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid
  • Material Feature: Cruelty-Free
  • Material Type Free: Gluten Free

These foot peel masks will help to restore dry, cracked, and calloused feet with the baby’s feet. It is a naturally formulated gel with botanical extracts that removes dead skin from your feet.

Additionally, this foot peeling is a single, disposable treatment for both feet. It offers feet comfort and it fits wide feet like men’s sizes 12.


Best Foot Mask for Cracked Heels – BLOOMMY PRO

Key Features

  • Skin Type: All, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Normal
  • Item Form: Sheet
  • Product Benefits: Moisturizing
  • Scent: Unscented

This foot peel mask is best for all skin types and it can be used to treat your feet at home. This natural foot peel will make your feet baby soft and smooth while carefully exfoliating your skin and removing calluses and cracks.

However, it is best for dry cracked feet and dead skin and fits both men & women of any age with feet sizes up to 11 US. Easy to use to wrap your feet.


WEIDA SIGN – Natural Exfoliator for Dry Dead Skin

Key Features

  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Item Form: Gel
  • Product Benefits: Exfoliating
  • Scent: Peach

These foot peel masks s designed to wrap your feet like socks, which lets the feet absorb the essence in all directions.  It can effectively improve dry, rough, cracked foot skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Exfoliating foot peeling offers a treatment to remove hardened, dead, callused skin to make your foot soft and tender.

Additionally, inside the socks are natural ingredients that will work to get rid of your tough and dry foot skin after wearing it for an hour. Within just a few weeks, you will love your new, beautiful feet.


Best Foot Peel Mask for Calluses – AIQIUSHA

Key Features

  • Skin Type: Dry
  • Item Form: Mask
  • Product Benefits: Exfoliating
  • Scent: Lavender

This foot peel is extremely effective at exfoliating and peeling away rough and dead skin to get new baby soft feet.

In addition, it does not only safely penetrate the dead skin cells to break down and remove the outer layers, but also moisturizes your feet’ skin.

It is made to wrap your feet like socks, which allows your feet t absorb the essence in all directions.


Epielle Hydrating Foot Masks (Socks 6pk)

Key Features

  • Item Form: Lotion, Cream
  • Scent: Jojoba Oil
  • Number of Items; 6
  • Uses For Product: Hydrating, Vitamin, Soothes

The Hydrating socks soften dry and rough feet. It is enriched with essential oils and botanical extracts. These skincare socks will leave your feet feeling soft and silky to the touch.

Moreover, it nourishes your feet for a calming and hydrating moment of relaxation while treating your calloused and dry feet.


Freedom Goods Foot Mask with Aloe Vera

Key Features

  • Item Form: Sheet
  • Scent: Aloe Vera
  • Uses For Product: exfoliating

This foot mask is infused with Aloe Vera and will give you soft feet in no time. It will help remove dead skin and heal dry cracked feet.

It is enriched with Vitamin A & C. This is the best foot peel mask on the market. Don’t go for a cheap peel mask that doesn’t work. Go for something worth buying to get read of those dead skin.


Dermora Foot Peel Mask

Key Features

  • Item Form: Sheet
  • Scent: Original
  • Material Type Free; Paraben Free

Treat your dry, hard, scaly, cracked feet to some tender love and self-care with this amazing foot peeling mask that will leave your skin satisfyingly soft and silky smooth.

It is made with a blend of fruit acids and extracts; it works to slough away dead skin cells on your soles to help repair rough heels. It works so fast and it should not be applied on wood or damaged skin.


Buying Guide for Foot Masks

There are several factors to consider when buying the best foot peel masks. Here are factors to look for:

Scented Options

Lots of these masks are centered. it is not good enough that your feet have dry skin. You don’t need them too small either. Go for options that will help outweigh the good from the bad.


You also need to check the size to avoid buying the wrong size. Our choice range in sizes 13 to 14.


Many options will last several hours. All you need is a few minutes to soak and apply these products properly.


 Are Foot Masks Good For Your Feet?

Yes, foot mask peels break down layers of your feet’s dead skin over time resulting in healthy and smooth skin.

Do You Wash Your Feet After A Foot Mask?

Yes, after completing the one-hour treatment, remove the plastic booties and rinse your feet thoroughly.

Why Do Foot Peels Take A Week To Work?

foot peels usually take time to work fully, because they use fruit acid as the main ingredient. It can take up to 14 days for the dead skin to start falling off.

What Happens When You Leave A Foot Mask On Too Long?

It is not good to leave a foot peel on overnight. If you leave a foot peel on overnight, it will likely cause irritation, redness, and peeling of the skin.

How Do You Get Rid Of Cracked Heels?

It is very easy to get rid of, treat them by giving your feet a little more attention, beginning with moisturizing them at least twice a day.

What Does A Foot Mask Do?

Foot masks work to actively peel the dead skin and calluses off your feet for days after wearing them, so soon you can once again wear your favorite pair of strappy sandals.



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