Top Penetration Testing Service – What are The Types of Penetration Testing?

Top Penetration Testing Service- With the increasing level of cyber threats, a penetration test is a sure way to ensure that your computer systems are secured. In recent times, cybercriminals have posed a big threat to organizations.

Top Penetration Testing Service
Top Penetration Testing Service

Cybercriminals use tools to hack into the data and features of systems. However, a penetration test will help to identify the vulnerability of a system to attack. This article will provide information on penetration tests and the companies that offer the service.

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Top Penetration Testing Service

A penetration test is a feigned cyber attack by a professional tester on a system. Professional testers have tools, techniques, and stages similar to that of original hackers which they use to determine vulnerabilities in a system.

Once this test is carried out, the target systems and goals are identified. Then, businesses can quickly handle these weaknesses. Penetration testing has different stages, the next heading will explain them to you.

Penetration Testing Stages

There are several processes penetration testers use to determine the vulnerability of a system. They are:

  • Reconnaissance: In this stage, the goals of the test, the systems to be tested and the testing methods to be used are defined.
  • Scanning: The systems are then inspected in various forms. The application code of the system is inspected when it is running and when it is not. This method is carried out to know how the target system will respond to diverse forms of intrusion from hackers.
  • Gaining access: in this stage, penetration tools are used to detect the vulnerability of the target system. Testers carry out different steps such as attempting to steal data and obstructing traffic to determine the extent of the damage cybercriminals cause.
  • Maintaining access: Testers maintain access to the target system over some time. This is to determine if the vulnerability in the target system can be used by hackers continuously to intrude into it.
  • Analysis: this is the final process. The vulnerabilities found in data and features that were accessed and the length of time the hacker can remain in the system are compiled.

The business can take necessary steps to eliminate the vulnerabilities from the analysis.

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Best Penetration Testing Companies

There are a lot The list of the best testing companies is inexhaustive. Some of the top penetration companies that hire qualified penetration testing engineers are:

Redbot Security

Redbot Security has engineers that carry out manual penetration testing. They specialize in exploiting applications as well as internal and external networks. They carry out operations on both small businesses and large organizations.

It has the ability to identify threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. When you partner with Redbot, you gain insight into potential threats and grow your business.

Astra Security

Astra security is one of the most trusted penetration testing service providers. Their services include vulnerability assessment, security audits, security consulting, and lots more in addition to penetration testing.

With lots of security auditors and intelligent researchers, their penetration service is effective. They carry out different types of penetration tests. This includes web application, network, cloud, mobile, and blockchain pen testing.

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Partnering with Rapid7 gives you the security you need for your systems. Rapid7 offers vulnerability management, application security, external threat intelligence, and lots more. They operate by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the method applied by cybercriminals.

Together with the global security community, they work towards fast security solutions. This company provides the guidance you need to stay secure from cyber-attacks.


This company provides security solutions and services for networks and systems. Their services include application security testing, risk assessments, malware detection, and lots more in addition to penetration testing. Secureworks operations are very easy and effective.

Both their penetration and advanced penetration tests are designed to determine how an attacker can access a system. When they carry out pen testing, they evaluate vulnerabilities. From the analysis compiled, this company will provide the necessary action steps for the organization to take.


Fire-eye network security provides cyber threat protection to organizations. Their security service helps to minimize hacking caused by cybercriminals. This company has professional testers who accurately detect advanced and targeted threats. As well as attacks hiding in internet traffic.

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Netspi testers provide both manual and automated penetration testing. By using Netspi’s vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, you are ensured the cyber protection you need for your systems. Additionally, their service encompasses cloud pentesting, IoT Pentesting, Network testing, secure code review, and application pen-testing.

Rhino Security

Rhino security is recognized as one of the top penetration testing companies in the USA. This penetration testing service providers carry out a deep assessment to ensure customers’ cyber security needs. Their services include application and network testing, cloud pen testing, and advanced attack simulation.


This network service provider proffers solutions for the top cyber security challenges. They have been rated as one of the most effective cyber security providers. Their services include network security, cloud security, penetration service, and vulnerability management.

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What are The Types of Penetration Testing?

There are three main types of penetration testing carried out. Testers conduct penetration testing based on the information provided to them. They are:

  • Black box Penetration testing
  • Grey box penetration testing
  • White box penetration testing

Which Tools are Used for Penetration Testing?

Penetration testers use a lot of tools to gain access to a system. Some of the top tools include:

  • Powershell-Suite
  • Zmap
  • Xray
  • Hydra
  • Wireshark
  • John Ripper

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What are the 5 Top Penetration Testing Techniques?

The top five techniques used by penetration testing service providers are:

  • Web application penetration testing
  • Social engineering testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Network service penetration testing
  • Physical penetration testing

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Penetration Tester?

The cost varies according to the size of the organization. The larger a business, the more intrusion risks, and the higher the price. However, for a small business, the cost can be anywhere between $4,000. Meanwhile, for a large organization, the cost can fall anywhere between $100,000.



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