MacAfee Reportedly Launches a New AI-Powered Tool to Fight against Phishing Scams       

MacAfee reportedly launches a new AI-powered tool to fight against phishing scams on the platform. The AI-powered tool, McAfee Scam Protection is now available for all of the platform’s existing customers.

MacAfee Launches AI-Powered Tool

MacAfee Launches AI-Powered Tool

The cybersecurity company that is behind many of the best antivirus software on the market currently has just launched a new tool to help spot and block phishing scams in real-time.

Developers at McAfee have now combined the power of AI with the best in human threat intelligence to identify and alert users of dangerous URLs in messages automatically just before even they get to open them.

McAfee Scam Protection for those that don’t know is now free to use for all existing customers. All it is that you need to do is to update the McAfee Security app.

What McAfee’s Chief Executive Officer Has to Say about the New Development

“Today, cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy, sophistication, and speed of an attack, making it harder than ever to tell real from fake,” Greg Johnson, McAfee Chief Executive Officer stated.

Phishing scams according to the latest statistics, are the biggest cybersecurity threat around the globe right now with a new malicious site being created all over every 11 seconds. Attackers in question have been harvesting the power of AI to help write malware as well as launch ransomware as well as phishing messages that are able to deceive even the most savvy users.

“Today, cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to dramatically improve the accuracy, sophistication, and speed of an attack, making it harder than ever to tell real from fake,” Greg Johnson, McAfee Chief Executive Officer stated. “It’s why we all need the most advanced, innovative AI working in our favor, to proactively protect us, in real-time, before we even know we’ve been targeted.”

That is where the new McAfee Scam Protection comes in. Once it has been granted permission, the tool in question then scans all received messages to warn users of any malicious URLs just before they can get to click on them, whether that in question is through emails, text messages, social media, or web browsers.

“The beauty of this tech is that it works automatically, allowing users to be relaxed instead of on alert,” Marc Vos, Product Reviews Manager at McAfee, revealed to TechRadar.

McAfee Scam Protection availability

McAfee Scam Protection is at the moment available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and even Firefox. However, the text alert functionality on the other hand works only on Android at the moment and it is also set to be released on iOS in the month of October.

The company also promises that the privacy of users will not be compromised as the scan in question is being developed to exclusively look out for URLs only.

How to Access McAfee Scam Protection

And while the tool is already available for existing subscribers of McAfee, new customers on the other hand can now try it out for seven days for free simply by signing up for a trial of McAfee Mobile Security. And after the trial period in question, the security suite will then cost $2.99 (£2.29) a month or $29.99 (£25.99) on the other hand for the one-year plan.

The Change In Direction of McAfee

The launch of McAfee Scam Protection perfectly for those who don’t know echoes the change of direction that the company started to embark upon in 2021, passing from a focus on protecting devices to the protection of people.

Vos just recently confirmed to TechRadar, in fact, that there are a couple of new privacy tools in the pipeline to help simplify the experience of users and then give them back more control over their data.



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