PayPal Customer Service Email – How to Contact PayPal by Email | How to Report a Scammer to PayPal

PayPal customer service email is created by PayPal for you to be able to contact them if you have a question or make a report. We all know PayPal. PayPal is a platform that carryout payment services. But PayPal which was once associated with the online auction site eBay has become a widely accepted method of payment both online and off.

PayPal Customer Service Email

PayPal Customer Service Email

PayPal allows its customers to send or receive payments for online auctions at eBay and other online stores. Also, purchase or sell goods and services, make or receive donations, exchange cash with someone and also send money to anyone with an email address. Also, PayPal has had some trouble with fraud, lawsuits, and zealous government regulators and this is where PayPal customer service email comes in. it allows you to report any suspicious activities in your account.

How to Contact PayPal by Email

You can contact PayPal by email and you can do this by either logging in or not logging in to your account.

  • Log into your PayPal account.
  • Go to the contact page and at the bottom of the page click on the contact link and be redirected to the help center.
  • Click on the Email Us link.
  • Choose a topic and subtopic and type your message.
  • Click on the send button.

Make sure to double-check the topic and subtopic before you click on send and a customer service representative from PayPal will respond to you.

PayPal Scams

PayPal has given its customers safety and security but they cannot do all the work alone and this is where you as a user come in. As a buyer or seller, there are several scams you need to recognize and report to PayPal so it can be fixed. Scammers are people who would approach using several methods and appearing as PayPal but are not.  And here will be some ways to recognize and avoid them.

Common PayPal Scams

PayPal is one of the best trending online money transfer services and because of that many scammers approach PayPal users and fraud them of their money. Here are some common PayPal scams.

  • Phishing websites.
  • Fake emails. These emails are sent to you and are like they are from PayPal but are not.
  • An inexistent shipping company. This technique scammers employ to get a hold of your money is to dupe you into using an alternative shipping service instead of regular ones.
  • Overpayment ruse. This is done by paying over the amount for goods and when you have to refund the money they will make a complaint to PayPal saying it was not them that made the purchase.
  • Fake hyperlink scam.

These are some common PayPal scams for you to avoid.

How to Report a Scammer to PayPal

Been scammed is not something to keep quiet about you will need to report it and also if you notice suspicious or unauthorized activity in your account you will need to report it. Here is how to make a report to PayPal.

  • Open your PayPal account.
  • Go to the resolution center at the bottom of the page and click on report a problem.
  • Select the transactions you will want to dispute or report and click on continue.
  • Now select the, I want to report an unauthorized activity and click on continue.

Follow the instructions to complete opening the dispute.


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