Spider-Man Actor Peter Parker Says Being Spider-Man Is the Best

Spider-Man actor Peter Parker says being Spider-Man is the best. The actor reportedly said that he would play the role again to his dying breath if they would allow him.

Spider-Man Actor Peter Parker

Spider-Man Actor Peter Parker

The voice and motion capture actor Peter Parker in Marvel’s SpiderMan series of Insomniac Games, Yuri Lowenthal, has recently expressed that he hopes that he will be able to keep playing the super “forever.”

Speaking on the Phase Zero podcast of ComicBook, Lowenthal reportedly expressed that he is glad, first and foremost, that he was reportedly given the chance and opportunity to play Peter Parker in the first place.

The Actor Speaking To Phase Zero Podcast of ComicBook

“I’ll be honest, I’m just excited that at my age they still let me play Spider-Man, or [that] they ever let me play Spider-Man in the first place,” the 52-year-old actor stated. “I’ll do it to my dying breath if they’ll let me because I love it so much, and I love working with [Insomniac Games] so much and I love what they do.

“I love being Spider-Man. It is the best,” he added. “I’ll do it forever if they ask me to, but I also understand if at some point they’re like, ‘You know what, we’re going to have to switch gears’, and I’m like, ‘You know what? I had a good run.’ Not everyone can say that they do what I get to do. So I’m happy right now. Even if it ended today I’d be like, ‘I did that.’ But I also hope it goes on forever.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Is the Next Installment Series from Insomniac Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is as you should know the next installment in the web-slinging series of Insomniac Games. The game in question is set to exclusively swing onto PS5 on October 20.

How the Sequel Will Measure To the First

It was confirmed in the early parts of this month that the sequel will have a very similar runtime to the first game, which, according to data collated from HowLongToBeat, took many players of the game about 17 hours to complete if it is that they were solely focused on the main story. And while that might not really be enormous, that fact in question might come as a relief to many players who have just already been struggling to keep up with all of the video game releases of the year 2023.



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