Amazon Alexa Emergency Assist Allows Users to Call For Help Directly From an Echo

Amazon Alexa Emergency Assist allows users to call for help directly from an Echo. The new Emergency Assist feature of Alexa for just $5.99 per month can and will put users in an arms stretch with emergency services.

Amazon Alexa Emergency Assist

Amazon Alexa Emergency Assist

Amazon Alexa is reportedly getting Emergency Assist. This is a new feature that was announced during the 2023 hardware event of the company for those that don’t know that enables users to contact emergency services via their Echo devices simply by saying “ Alexa, call for help.” The service in question costs only $5.99 per month or $59 for one year.

While Alexa cannot directly contact 911, it will however connect users with an agent who can alert emergency services instead on their behalf. Users additionally, can even pre-save essential pieces of information in the Alexa app, such as their home address, gate code, the medications that they are taking, as well as any allergies that they may have, which Emergency Assist will then relay to first responders. The service in question as you should know will also inform responders which device the call was reportedly made from.

How The New Service Works

When someone makes use of Emergency Assist, Alexa will notify up to 25 emergency contacts that are saved within the app automatically. The service as you should know has Alexa detect smoke or CO alarms as well, thus enabling it to notify users as well as to also alert emergency services in the event that no one is home.

Emergency Assist Will Replace Guard Plus

Emergency Assist will replace Guard Plus, which is the $4.99 / month service of Amazon that is geared toward home security with Alexa, with existing subscribers in the process getting access to Alexa Emergency Assist for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year instead. The company also will still keep the $19.99 / month Alexa Together, however, which is a subscription service that is focused more on elderly care.

Other Similar Features and Services Amazon Offers Via Alexa Devices

This new development in question adds to some of the existing safety features as well as services that Amazon offers via its Alexa devices, as users can already set up an emergency contact via Alexa that their device can effectively contact at no added cost. Amazon has stated that Emergency Assist is “coming soon” to Echo devices in the United States.



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