Razer Launches Its Own Fujin Gaming Chair

Razer launches its own Fujin gaming chair. The company is going after the Herman Miller Aeron with the launch of its very own gaming chair. How well will this product fair in an already competitive market is still yet unknown.

Razer Fujin Gaming Chair

Razer Fujin Gaming Chair

Yes, I sit in a Herman Miller Aeron every single day, so my eyes kind of absolutely popped when I saw the Razer Fujin for the very first time.

I know, many chairs have really tried in duplicating the legendary stretchy mesh ergonomics and iconic shape of Aeron since its debut back in 1994. That said, what really is so special about this one?

Well, the $1,049 Fujin Pro model from the company adds the two most desirable upgrades for the Aeron, IMHO, which is the twist-to-adjust lumbar support, as well as the adjustable matching headrest that reportedly launched an entire aftermarket company to do what Herman Miller wouldn’t. I pour and talk about the Atlas headrest on my chair to anyone who will care to listen.

The Fuji Pro has also the “4D armrest” that has been used by Razer since its very first copycat gaming chair, which as you should know was a dead ringer for the Secretlab Omega.

Razer Ripping the Designs of Other Companies

I was really hoping that Razer had stopped blatantly ripping the designs of other companies, but I kind of like the additional aluminum and 3D effect of the Fujin Pro’s frame, and I really cannot complain if the chair in question turns out to be good. A brand-new Aeron can very much easily cost more than $1,500; I got mine third-hand, and I would very much genuinely consider a Razer if it is that my ancient one ever wears out.

Maybe just not the regular $649 Fujin that is on sale today, though. It looks very much notably cheaper, with quite a different tilt base, and nylon instead of aluminum alloy for the frame, 3D armrests instead of the traditional 4D, very little lumbar adjustment, and there is no headrest, although you can easily add the headrest for just an extra $129.

Details of the Mesh of the Aeron

I was not able to try out either of them, though; Razer spokesperson Will Powers stated that the mesh of the Aeron feels quite a tad bit more cloth-like, while the Fujin of Razer makes use of an elastomer mesh that is very much easier to clean, with less discoloration to happen over time.

The Fujin Pro Should Be Able To Support Up To 300 Pounds

Razer has revealed that the Fujin Pro should be able to support up to 300 pounds and it will reportedly come with a five-year warranty on everything save the elastomer mesh as you will get just one year for that.

Order, Availability, and Pricing

The Fujin Pro as you should know and for those that are interested will go up for order in November.

Razer reveals that “pricing may vary based on location due to local taxes and tariffs,” which is just how it got away with stating that the chairs will cost $599 and $999 (instead of $649 and $1049) on stage. They will however cost €699 and €1199 in Europe, respectively.



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