Meta Is Set To Introduce a Host of Chatbot Personas on Its Platforms

Meta is set to introduce a host of chatbot personas on its platforms. And of the reported chatbot personas the tech company is planning to introduce, they are inclusive of Futurama favorite.

Meta Chatbot Personas

Meta Chatbot Personas

Meta is at the moment gearing up to announce a generative artificial intelligence chatbot (one that is internally dubbed as ‘Gen AI Personas’) that is reportedly aimed at enticing and convincing younger users to the world of AI chatbots. The new chatbot in question is very much expected to launch during the Connect event of Meta that is stipulated to take place on September 27, and it will reportedly introduce some familiar but… dated ‘personas’.

The Verge however notes that the chatbots in question will come with different personas that will reportedly promote more humanlike, engaging conversations in a bid to appeal to younger users.  One of the ‘sassy’ robot personas as you should know is inspired by Bender from Futurama as well as Alvin the Alien.

Meta Is Planning To Add Dozens of Familiar Faces To Its Chatbot Roster

Tech giant, Meta is at the moment planning to add “dozens” of familiar faces to its chatbot roster and it even plans on creating a tool that will allow celebrities to make their very own chatbots for their fans. This is good and welcome news, as I could finally get to talk to Beyonce.

As you should know, Meta is putting a whole lot of work, time, and effort into perfecting its chatbot game in the already budding world of AI. We all remembered the famous Snapchat AI, which quickly rose to fame for like a week and then fizzled out into obscurity much more quickly.

What a Former Executive Has To Say About the Move

The Wall Street Journal interestingly, reached out to former Snap as well as Instagram executive Meghana Dhar, who reportedly noted that chatbots in question don’t “scream Gen Z to me, but definitely, Gen Z is much more comfortable” with new technology. She also noted that the goal of Meta with the chatbots is very much likely to be to keep them engaged for longer so it has “increased opportunity to serve them ads.”

That would in question explain the rather random selection of ‘young people’ personas that Meta is reportedly going for. While Bender from Futurama is pretty much recognizable, he is not exactly a Gen Z icon. As someone from the demographic that Meta seems to be targeting, this is an extremely odd celebrity to slap directly onto your product, thus considering the fact that there is a plethora of other (more relevant) personalities to select from.

The Advantage of Picking Gen Z as A Targeted Demographic

The advantage here that Meta has in picking Gen Z as its target demographic is that Gen Z is very public regarding who they are super into right now. Meta could just as have picked literally anyone else, so hopefully the other personalities that it has in the lineup are a bit more … contemporary.



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