Linda Yaccarino Teases How Users Will Watch Videos and Other New Features on the Social Media Platform

Linda Yaccarino teases how users will watch videos and other new features such as users making money on the social media platform. A social network platform that Musk has promised to be the Global Town Square will soon make good on its promise as it previewed its next steps.

Linda Yaccarino Teases New Features

Linda Yaccarino Teases New Features

Linda Yaccarino, the current CEO of X (formerly known as Twitter), has just posted a short video revealing the future direction of the social network which is mostly aligning with former CEO and X owner Elon Musk’s goals in a bid to turn it into an “everything network” where users get to consume content, pay to follow famous people, buy products and even get to watch media.

The video of Yaccarino didn’t really dig into details for just how these will be implemented on the platform (X). For example, it is still unclear as to how users on the platform will make purchases, which Musk has stated he wanted to bring to then-Twitter briefly after acquiring the social network last October.

Content of Yaccarino’s Video

Without all of those details, most of the video was just a mission statement that showed a user flow for all that an individual could really do on the platform which is inclusive of watching sports, which X (formerly known as Twitter) has historically tried to get onto its platform since then-Twitter initially livestreamed an NFL match back in 2016.

The video in question from the CEO ended with a user earning money for ad revenue sharing. This is a feature that has had quite a bumpy rollout ever since payments began flowing to users back in June, although new official rules for the program reportedly dropped in August that clarified expectations.

The Plans of Elon Musk for X

Since being named CEO by Musk back in May, Yaccarino has continued his efforts in order to make X worth the time of users and most especially money as more features on the platform get put behind a paywall — with TweetDeck recently just limited to XPro subscribers, if not the whole social network after Musk reportedly mentioned that X may just get to require users to make “small monthly payment” to utilize at all.



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