Google Teases More New AI Boosts for Its Products

Google teases more new AI boosts for its products such as Gmail, Meet, and other tools. With that being said, it simply means that Google products like Meet will be getting a huge AI makeover.

Google Teases AI Boosts

Google Teases AI Boosts

Google having already teased many of its upcoming generative AI tools, and also demonstrated others at its yearly I/O conference in the early parts of this month, Google Workspace has now revealed that it is busy adding even more AI to some of its most well-known free office software apps.

The general sentiment toward remote working here is still unclear and much in the air, but with its latest AI improvements in Meet, Google clearly thinks that video conferencing is here to stay for good.

Users of Google Meet soon will be able to use generative AI in creating notes and summaries of meetings automatically, as well as highlight action points that can easily integrate directly into Tasks.

And while generative AI has recently been stealing the shine, less sophisticated but however no less useful features still continue to roll out across the web.

Google Meet and AI

Google Meet now will be able to utilize the headlining technology to rearrange video tiles automatically for a more personalized and tailored view. This development looks very much likely to include cropping around speakers in a bid to take away unnecessary background while also accounting for solo and group speakers, all in a bid to fit more meaningful content on-screen.

With collaboration heavily in mind, Google has also teased background music as well as image generation for Slides in a bid to help make meetings more engaging, thus having recently introduced a multi-presenter mode for Slides, all within Google Meet.

Google to Integrate Gmail with AI

Google away from Meet is continuing to explore the various possibilities of generative AI with thread summarizing assistants in Gmail as well as an as-yet-announced “Organize your Inbox” tool and service.

There was also a hint of more text-writing aids in Google Docs, slated for release to mobile apps as well as the web experience very soon, as well as the opportunity to generate soundtracks for presentations in Google Sheets.

And as the world continues to get familiarized with artificial intelligence, the tools that help to roll out across office software from the likes of Google and Microsoft are all expected to make repetitive, mindless work a lot more simple and efficient.

What Is Google AI Used For

With the information provided in the previous posts, you should already have a glimpse of how Google wishes to integrate AI into many of its products. And with that being said, here are more additional details on how the company plans to add the services of AI into its other products such as Google Maps.

This is simple as the company wants it to be. The AI that is behind Google Maps for one helps to analyze data to provide up-to-date information in regards to traffic conditions and delays and also helps users to avoid traffic jams altogether at sometimes.  The AI tool also updates things such as business hours and speed limits so that users can see the latest information about their world every single day automatically.



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