Google Workspace Has Announced an Upgrade to Its Spreadsheet Software

Google Workspace has announced an upgrade to its spreadsheet software. Google Sheets with this new update now thinks that it now has what it takes to finally be smart enough to push Microsoft Excel off the top. Google Sheets smart chips now have an upgrade.

Google Workspace Spreadsheet Software

Google Workspace Spreadsheet Software

Just recently, Google Workspace announced an upgrade to its spreadsheet software, one that could make the tool more useful than it used to be.

The Google Sheets platform in its battle to take on Microsoft Excel, a great rival,  has enjoyed a host of recent updates to help users on the platform get more from their data.

This very update includes so-called “smart chip” technology, which allows users to get access information or data from other Google Workspace files quickly, thus bringing the likes of Slides, Docs, and Gmail even closer together for the ultimate collaboration tool.

Google Sheets following an initial rollout in February 2023 already has seen an initial smart chips upgrade, thus taking the form of richer experiences and this is including additional functionality when posting clips from YouTube in a spreadsheet, further expansions have now been announced following the news.

Users Will Now Be Able To Quickly Get Information from Smart Chips

the company going forward has said that users will now be able to quickly get information from smart chips in order to give their work extra detail or analysis, thus pulling in information from people, files, and even chips. The new update will also let users pull out metadata that are associated with specific smart chips into their very own cell, all the whilst maintaining a connection with the chip that it was extracted from.

The company gave the instance of making it much easier to keep track of a set of documents, as well as who really owns them and details like creation time or the last person to modify the file, which can now simply be done by extracting those fields from the relevant file chips.

Google Workspace Update Blog Post Announcing the Change

“Smart chip data extraction allows you to track and organize data more easily, and also perform deeper analyses using data that is derived from smart chips,” a Google Workspace update blog post announcing the change reportedly revealed.

“Useful actions include using file chips to understand when a document was last updated or using people chips to sort and filter employees based on job location to best delegate region specific tasks.”

Availability of the Feature

The very feature in question is rolling out now for users on Rapid Release domains, with a scheduled wider release date of June 14.

The ability to extract data that are already stored in chips as you should know will be available to all Google Workspace customers as well as users with personal Google Accounts, but some limits on extracting all available data however will be placed on the latter, along with users with Google Workspace Essentials Starter, Business Starter, Frontline Starter, Frontline Standard, and lastly, Nonprofits accounts.



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