Gmail Mail Merge – Mail Merge With Google Sheet

What is the Gmail mail merge? This question can actually be a tricky one to those who know nothing about it or those who haven’t made use of the feature or tool before. However, if you haven’t made use of this tool, you have nothing to be worried about. I will be explaining to you extensively about this Google mail tool. The Gmail merge feature and tool is not meant for those using Gmail for personal uses, but rather this tool is made for users making use of Gmail for business purposes. In order to get a better understanding of this article and to know what Gmail merge is all about, I would love to ask a few questions first. Do you know what mass emailing is? If you don’t know what this is, do you know what the term mail merge is? Continue reading to get all the necessary information you need.

Gmail Mail Merge

Gmail Mail Merge

Imagine being tasked with the job of sending over 500 emails to over 500 persons individually?  Of course, this is going to take like forever, right? What if you get to know or learn of a better means of doing and accomplishing your task? Yes! Everyone would want that. And this is what this article, Gmail email merge is all about. There is a feature embedded within the Gmail emailing tool that lets you personalize your emailing experience.

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This feature lets you send emails in mass. You should have heard of this feature before as it is a very popular feature among emailing platforms. This feature can be referred to as bulk emailing or mass emailing. There are lots of email services that offer this feature, but the one offered by Gmail is by far one of the best and can easily be argued as the best.

To, therefore, take us further in this article, and for clarity purposes what is mail merge? I mean you already know what Gmail is, but do you know what mail merge means? Well, the email merge is a straight forward tool but can be complex if you do not understand it and its uses. A mail merge is simply a feature that lets you combine mail, letters, and pre-addressed envelopes for mass emailing from a template or form letter. In the simplest of terms, a Gmail merge feature lets you send bulk messages and also gives you the ability to include other relevant and important documents and files to different addresses at a time.

A mail merge can also be referred to as an automatic process that helps fetches your recipient’s details from a data file and then inserts them into an email template. The data file here can be any document such as a spreadsheet or a database file. This file must be containing the recipient’s information such as email address, name, and other relevant details. This process is very effective in the sense that it will save you lots of valuable time as you won’t have to manually enter each of your recipient’s email ids

Gmail Mail Merge Limit

The current Gmail email sending limit is 500. This means that you can send 500 emails per every 24 hours when sending emails from their web interface. You can either send 500 emails to a single account or to 5 different emails making it 100 each. But the Gmail email merge, the official limit is 100 recipients per every merge per day for free Gmail accounts. The limit is put in place to help keep the systems and accounts on the platform safe. If you pass this limit, it might lead to an account block.

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When you exceed your limit per day, you will be notified and you can send messages in the next 24 hours. You can however receive messages and can also have access to other Google services. After the suspension period, the sending limits are automatically reset and the user can therefore resume or begin sending emails. Here is something you should also know about the sending limits of this tool. Limits are applied over every rolling 24 hours and are not subjected to a specific time of the day.

Mail Merge With Google Sheet

Mail merge with Google sheet is easy but only if you know how to go about it or you know what you are doing. The processes and steps can actually be complex if you are new to the whole thing. The whole process consists of five different steps and they are;

  • Formatting your spreadsheet.
  • Logging into your Gmail account.
  • Connecting gmass to your spreadsheet.
  • Choosing your worksheet.
  • Personalizing your email.

These are the steps and if you are trying it out for the first time, then you must know that it is quite lengthy. However, for better understanding, I will be briefing them out for you.

Step 1 – Formatting Your Spreadsheet

In order for gmass to make use of your spreadsheet, it will need to be in plain text. In order to properly format your rows and columns on your spreadsheet;

  • The first row on your spreadsheet should contain the column names such as your email address, company name, first and last name, and other relevant names. Columns however should not contain special characters or spaces.
  • The main data should start from the second row.
  • The email addresses should be at least be contained in one column. Gmass will, therefore, auto-detect this column.

Step 2 – Logging In To Your Account.

You will do this by selecting the Google sheets icon next to the build email list button.

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Step 3 – Connecting Gmass To Your Spreadsheet

This is one of the most important steps in the process. Although all processes are important as you can get to your desired result without passing through each of the steps. To do this;

  • Click on the sheets icon. A pop-up window will display your spreadsheets.
  • Select the sheet to import the details of your recipients.

Gmass will, therefore, connect to spreadsheet using a special spreadsheet ID that is unique to each sheet. A drop-down menu will show all the sheets that are shared with you or the ones that you own. However, if you do not see the one you need, know that your Gmail account does not have the necessary permission to access it.

Step 4 – Choosing Your Worksheet

If you have multiple sheets in your spreadsheet you will have to select the specific sheet you need to work with. If your spreadsheet on the other hand has only one worksheet, there will be no drop down menu. You will then need to click on the connect button. Gmass will then read the email addresses and other relevant data from your spreadsheet and then load the recipients in the ‘to’ field of a new compose window.

Step 5 – Personalizing Your Email

To access the personalization buttons, click on the settings arrow. Click on any of the buttons to insert personalization fields into the subject and also the body of your email messages before sending it. When adding a personalization tag in your email template, make sure that it matches with the column header of your spreadsheet.

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