Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025 – Microsoft Windows 11 Teases

Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025. All the windows users that know about the latest version of the Windows operating systems see support ends eventually. When the support ends, Microsoft would try to get people to move to the much new windows version whether they want to or not. A new Microsoft support document has been further updated to offer an exact date for when the support for Windows 10 Home and Pro would come to an end.

Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025

Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025

The Support Document that has been updated shows that windows 10 would be ending October 14, 2025. Microsoft’s updating of documents marks the first time that it has given a date for the end of the current version of the operating system.

the support end of date happens to be a little more than four years away at this particular point in time, and speculation states that when Microsoft holds their next-generation windows event in the coming month, the operating system that it shows off may not be windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 11 Teases

At the event, Microsoft decided to reveal their windows 11, windows sun valley, or a new name that does not go with the name Windows 10. The updated document also shows that Windows 10 Home and Pro started on July 29, 2015, with the support end date stated to be October 14, 2025. The details that were listed show that Microsoft would be sticking to the 10-year support lifecycle that the company decided to maintain during the last generations of windows.

Microsoft Event

The event was announced earlier this month to take place starting from June 24, 2021. At the event, Microsoft has promised some of the most significant updates for windows in years. Also, there are some indications that if it weren’t for the pandemic that is still affecting the world in tons of ways, this windows event would have been what Microsoft held in person rather than online.

Whether the event comes with a new version of windows or just simple tweaks to the existing version remains to be seen. Microsoft has been available in windows 10 for about 6 years without a change of name, and those name changes typically come with some significant modification to the operating system. Windows 10 Support Ends in 2025.


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