Chrome OS Updated Monthly on Chromebook for More Security – Chrome OS Update

Chrome OS is now being monthly updated on Chromebook for more security, and to keep the users safe. The days when people had to wait for updates in their smartphones and computer is coming to an end. Now, Microsoft has even decided that they would be switching to a more regular and much shorter pace of two feature updates every year with tons of software updates rolling in.

Chrome OS Updated Monthly on Chromebook for More Security

Software updates for some particular apps are often frequent, especially web browsers that require you to keep up with the equally fast development of exploits and malware. That is the reason why Google has decided to shift chrome’s release cycle to a four-week cadence and it further adopts the same pace for the OS later in the year.

Chrome OS Updated Monthly on Chromebook for More Security

Chrome Happens to be the most used software currently, not only as a web browser but as the base of other web experiences through chromium. As great as the software may be, the web also happens to be a scary place. From malware exploits aiming a browser bug, the security narrative for the internet moves at a much faster pace than most of the other software systems.

As of the last March, Google decided to announce that they would be switching their milestone launch cycle from six weeks to starting this September 2021. This means that Chrome would get not just some new features but also some security fixes for every month, at least for bugs that do not need immediate patching. Chrome, however, is not the only web-facing platform that Google is in possession of, and Chrome OS is just as dependent on a much safer web as a browser does.

Chrome OS Update

Consequently, Google would be switching Chrome OS to the same rhythm as Chrome the browser. Starting at Q4 2021, around November or December, the Chrome OS milestone would be coming in the next four weeks instead of six. to be clear, the owners of Chromebook need only to wait about one month to get the new features and, more importantly, security patches.

This Switch, as stated by Google, works in line with Chrome OS’s four pillars of “security, stability, speed, and simplicity.” Of course, it happens to be a two-edged sword and a rapid rollout can also lead to rapid bugs. Google has also proven its stability fortunately with chrome’s and Chrome OS’s Six-week cycle so far.

Chrome M96 Sync

Customers of Education and enterprise would be given a new channel with a six-month cycle that is much slower, though exact details are still forthcoming. For all those that are keeping tabs on version numbers, there would be no M95 launch so that Chrome M94’s September would sync with Chrome OS M96 later in the year.


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