TikTok is Reportedly Launching Its Own Generative AI Avatars

TikTok is reportedly launching its own generative AI avatars. And a glimpse at what they look like has been leaked online. To think of the reported and leaked avatars is to think of Lensa-made avatars, but however made using TikTok, which pretty much sums it up.

TikTok Generative AI Avatars

TikTok Generative AI Avatars

Video sharing platform and network TikTok is currently working on a feature that will create AI-generated profile pictures, as per a social media consultant Matt Navarra, who shared images as well as video of the tool with The Verge. And at first look, the tool creates headshots that look very much like what you might see from Prisma Labs’ Lensa app, but since it would be built right and directly into TikTok, you might soon be seeing a whole lot more AI-made avatars as you get to scroll through your feed on TikTok.

How the New Feature Works

And just in case you have been wondering, here is how it works. The tool will ask you to submit three to ten photos and then select from two to five different styles for the eventual AI-made photos, Navarra reveals. And once you do, it takes some time for the photos to actually be generated. And when they are ready, you can then download them and even set one of them as your avatar, or get to post one to your TikTok story.

The examples shared with The Verge by Navarra as well as on Twitter are really good, to be honest, and they also cover a host of fun styles. Personally, I could see many people getting creative with this tool in order to make avatars for themselves very much like they did with Lensa.

TikTok’s Statement Regarding the New Feature

TikTok in a statement called this very work an experiment that is only available in select regions. “We’re always thinking about new ways to add value to the community and enrich the TikTok experience, as we continue to build a safe place that entertains, inspires creativity, and drives culture,” as per Zachary Kizer, a TikTok spokesperson. “In a few select regions, we’re experimenting with a new way to create and share profile pictures with the TikTok community.”



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